No Longer Waiting by Caesar F. Castro


No Longer Waiting
Caesar F. Castro

Did you know I saw you first today?
No, probably not, as you were looking out to the bay.
You looked so sad and forlorn this time,
As if someone had committed against you a crime.
I tried to talk and of course, you humored me for a while,
As we walked along the beach for maybe a mile.
You told me he had been gone from your life,
But that he would return soon and take you as his wife.
I smiled and asked if I could come to your wedding,
Knowing damn well I would never place myself in that setting.
You looked up at me with those beautiful eyes of yours,
And softly said, Of course, but in my head it sounded like distant roars.
Then you did something I never would have expected;
You asked me how I was and were my poems perfected?
I replied, No and gave half a smile,
And then looked down, feeling so vile.
There was a pause in that moment of time,
As I realized she was like a hundred dollar bill, to my dime.
I knew then that you were too good to be with a slob like me,
I said I had to go and turned away, knowing you were the key.
You said, Good bye and I'll see you next week,
I turned and said, No--no longer will we meet.
Moving quickly away, I hated that we must part,
But I knew it was over and I truly had a broken heart.

About the Author

Senor Castro was forced by his parents to leave his homeland of Cuba and move to the United States and he has never been right, since...Click here for full bio

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