..Here it is, the wait is finally over! Welcome to The 'Underground to Nowhere' special edition! Plus all our regular section are here as well! So, come check out what we have for you here..........In our 7th issue of the......World Of Myth!...

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  • Welcome To The World Of Myth

    Special Edition: Underground to Nowhere Issue

    Here it is, the wait is finally over! The 'Underground to Nowhere' special edition of the 'World of Myth'is here! You will finally be able to learn more about the comic book, read a demo script from part one and check out designs as well as production notes! Plus you will be able to check out the first four pages of 'Underground to Nowhere #1' before anyone else in the world does! Click Here for the 'World of Myth's' Underground to Nowhere Special edition!

    Welcome to Issue Seven of "World of Myth", which may be our 'Biggest' issue, ever! We have quite a bit to share with you this month and to begin with, as we have been threatening to do, David Montoya is going to preview his upcoming new comic, "Underground to Nowhere". We have set aside a new link to take you to a special site, just for all of our comic fans out there. Aside from all the work he has been doing on his comic, Mr. Montoya is also adding another chapter in this issue to his serialized story, "The End". Part Three of "To Dance with the Dead" was posted about a week ago and will remain available through this month. Also in the 'Horror Section', L.M. Mercer has returned to give us another perspective on her story, "The Letter", with a 'Part Two'.

    Over in the "Fantasy Section", I am presenting a chapter from a novel I have been working on, to get a 'readers opinion' of this work. Our "Poetry Section" is full this month, as L.M. Mercer and Senor Castro return with more poems and Rebecca Lofgren, the Gurl of Myth, comes back from a long hiatus with some new work. And, speaking of poetry, congrats go out to Kevin Magnus, for pulling down the 'Member of the Month' award for February.

    The Gurl of Myth also returns to the "Art Gallery" this month (and we should all wish her a Happy Birthday, as well) with some new pics and MOK, who has been absent for some time, has presented us with a new and somewhat unusual concept, which we hope will be welcomed by the readers. I, myself, even managed to find a few moments to produce another drawing for the Gallery, as did Mr. Montoya.

    Stop by the "Movie Review" section and see what Reaper Rick has been up to this month and just to round things out, over in "FYI", we give you a further update on Mr. Montoya's comic. Just in case anyone was curious, we really did intend to have a regular "Interview Section" and haven't forgotten about that. We are waiting for several writers and artists to get back to us, regarding possible interviews. It is hard to believe that these people are 'shy', so we must assume they are just 'very busy' and as soon as we hear back from them, we will pass the news along to you.

    So, we hope you find enough herein to keep you entertained, at least for a short while. Remember, we still want to hear from aspiring writers and/or artists out there, so submit your best work to "World of Myth" and see it in print, right here in these pages. You will find submission information at the bottom left hand corner of this page and don't forget to sign up for our mailing list, so we can notify you of important updates, as well as whenever a new issue is posted.

    Next issue, we will announce how a lucky reader may win a free, autographed copy of David Montoya's, "Underground to Nowhere".

    Questions or comments? Stop by the Forum and let us know what you think about our efforts here at, "World of Myth" and above all,


    Terry D. Scheerer
    Editor in Chief

    See why the fun never stops at the World Of Myth!..

    Story of the Month

    Elizabeth awoke with a jolt, realizing the noise that had roused her from the gory nightmare was her own scream of terror. She looked around the room in an attempt to reorient herself. Although she could not remember details of the dream…Click Here for L. M. Mercer's The Letter Part 2!

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