Footprints in Blood: Terry D. Scheerer


Footprints in Blood
By: Terry D. Scheerer

Thank you all for stopping by. This is going to be a little different from anything we have presented before at "World of Myth". In way of explanation, I started a novel a few years ago and due to one thing and another, the story (and/or myself) has become bogged down and I haven't worked on it for quite a while.

So, what I would like to do, here, is present a chapter of that novel, to get an unbiased (more or less) opinion from you, the readers, to see whether or not I should make an attempt to return to this project.

This novel, as near as I can tell, will actually be a two book series. The series itself is entitled, "The Soul of Magic" and the first book is "Quest for the Stone". An abbreviated synopsis of book one is presented below, so you will have some idea of the plot and of the characters who will be in this chapter, which will most likely appear somewhere toward the middle of the finished book.

So, then, off we go in search of...

"The Soul of Magic"
Book One
"Quest for the Stone"


Given up by the village elders as a spring sacrifice to their local dragon, Gilder, instead of being eaten, is befriended by the dragon, Antioch, and together they begin a journey that will quickly propel the young girl into a world of magic, mystery and mayhem.

Riding on the back of Antioch, Gilder is taken to the Wizard's Tower in the great southern city of Calamay, where she meets Magway, an apprentice wizard who is a young woman close to Gilder's own age. Rhad-Nor, an aged wizard and the first in a long line of Dragon Lords, informs the girls that a rogue northern dragon, Na'Mok, has raised an army of goblins and trolls and is marching south, to destroy all of mankind. In addition to her desire to see all humans either killed or made slaves, Na'Mok also seeks the heart of the first dragon, the very Soul of Magic--that which feeds and supports all of the magic the world has known for thousands of years. That magic is slowly fading from the land and Na'Mok feels that if she possesses the ancient stone which is the Soul of Magic, she alone will control all of the remaining magic in the world and thus, the livesof every living thing on the planet.

Rhad-Nor, seeing in the young girl a powerful, but as yet untapped magical potential, sends Gilder and Magway, along with a young scribe named Penrod, on the perilous quest to find the Soul of Magic before Na'Mok can locate it. Guided by Gebo, a Stonemountain dwarf who knows well the mountains in which they will center their search and accompanied by Gondar-Nor, a fearless Dragon Lord, they must hunt through the desolate crags of the Northern Reaches for the stone--the very heart of the first dragon.

Somehow knowing that Gilder and her group are also seeking the stone, Na'Mok attempts to thwart their search and hopefully destroy them by attacking their small group with goblin raiding parties.

And so, we come to...

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About the Author

Terry D. Scheerer has been scribbling out stories, off and on, for several decades (for the most part, apparently, for his own amusement, at least according to the numerous editors who have returned his work), but he only began writing seriously since about the turn of the century. (No, THIS century!). He has been fortunate enough to have had a few short stories published... Click here for full bio
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