Review of Star Wars: The Old Republic for the PC
By: Pryce Less

I just started to play Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) this game about a month ago. I have been a World of Warcraft (WOW) player for years, started with the Frozen Throne expansion. However I continually ran into a problem. WOW always wanted more money and I ran out of money.

I started looking for something to play in between being off WOW I stumbled across this on line Game. Or rather my eldest son put me on to it. However I think my youngest played first.

SWTOR has an awesome feature. It plays for free. There is a pay option to open more play options but the original game can be played in its entirety for free. If you pay a one–time fee you can unlock all the expansion up to the point of paying.

Being a subscriber grants you multiple in game bonuses but are not needed. Many of those abilities can be duplicated by one time purchases in the Cartel Market (In game store)

SWTOR plays very much like any other MMORPG. I won't bore you with the usual stuff. They have two sides (Sith Empire and Republic), male/female, Races, Classes, talent tree (like WOWs original trees) and PVP like any other MMORPG. If you are interested check out

The interesting item in this game are the in game conversations. These conversations can be done in a solo mode or as a group. The mission can be affected by what the players say.

Each of the 4 classes on both sides have their own story lines. Making multiple play through a fun and enjoyable experience. Even inside each class you can find variations depending how you answer conversation. Are you a good guy? Did you spare the bystanders? Were you flippant with the quest giver? Each decision or answer produces a unique result or it has for me so far.

The player also gains access to companions. NPCS that can act as a Tank, DPS or Healer. They follow you in your adventures and comment on your actions and you can even have romantic encounters with them if you choose.

Another feature is the light and dark sides of the force. As you complete quests you gain dark side or light side points. These points alter both story options and you companions reactions. They also unlock unique purchasable armor options.

Dungeons or instances have three modes in SWTOR. One is Story Mode. This mode allows players to do the dungeon, finish a quest and continue the story without the need of a group. Though you can take a group.

The second mode is Veteran. This is for more experienced players and does require a group. The rewards of course a substantially better than the rewards offered by Story Mode.

The third is Master Mode. This requires a full group consisting of all the typical MMORPG archetypes, tank, DPS and Healer. I have never tried Master Mode so I know little about it.

It's worth nothing that in Story and Veteran Mode companions can fill in vacant spots in the party. Also a combat drone can also be used to fill a party spot.

SWTOR takes place in what Star Wars fans refer to The Old Republic. A time in the distant past where the Mighty Sith Empire and the Republic are battling for universal dominance. And as a bonus it is still considered cannon in the new universe.

My first character was an Agent. The Agent plays much like a rogue. I never liked a rogue but this one seems to suit me. I can sneak when need and avoid excessive combat, slows you down.

The Agent can hold her own in combat with precise strikes, AOE and healing options. I have dabbled with a few of the others but the Agent so far has captured my attention.

One of the few flaws in this game is the mapping system. They don't always show where you want to go until you open a section of the map making it difficult to find your way if you don't know where you are going (which I seldom do).

On the whole I really love this game. Plenty of character options for multiple plays won't feel the same. I wholly recommend it for anyone looking for an RPG experience on a computer. My sons and husband tell me that it's worth saying that its feel much like the MASS Effect games and I award it the max of five stars !