In a Dream I had
By: Stephanie Bardy

In a Dream I had
The night was black as pitch
The wind beat a torrent on my doorstep
And howled down the flue

The moon, a heavy lidded seductress
Beckoned me come forth
Out into the inky blackness
Down the path of stone

My feet found their footing
Carried me deep into the arms of the forest
They embraced me, closing out the world around
The soft whisper of water guiding me

The pristine waters lay before 
With the moon winking up at me
"Look here my child" she said from above
"Look deep, beyond what your eyes can see"

The mirror cracked, giving way to time long past
Fairy lights danced in my hair, as it spiralled about my face
Visions fly faster then light
And he is there

Darker than night, he sends fear with a look
But I stand unafraid
For he is but a reflection of me
Emotions buried deep

I smiled, and winked at the moon
Hand widespread I shattered the image with a laugh
That which you know, can no longer harm
That which you face, becomes nothing

In a Dream I had
The night was black as pitch.


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