Fare Thee Well
By: Lallie Napier

Like ships in the night, we passed
We knew it could never last
We shared our hearts
Amongst other parts
The impact we both had was vast

And now you say you want space
There are other dreams to chase
Just distance from me
Quick, like a bunny
Please try to exit with grace

I thought what we had was unique
There was little about you I'd tweak
You want to go
But just so you know
With love about you I'll speak

Our time was truly inspiring
We created beauty worth admiring
With pencil and paint
Showing no restraint
I'm perplexed why you feel we're expiring

I wish you a life filled with joy
You're an amazing and wonderful boy
I'll cut not a lock
Until next we talk
This bond distance cannot destroy

I will be here when you're done
The world will continue to run
This parting is due
I will miss you
Our tapestry's nowhere near spun.


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