Corps De Ballet
By: Kevin Magnus

So you want to go start something new,
To find your own color of the hue.
I've seen what the World can do,
Causing you to forget who?
Committing sin is easy as breathing the air;
Just remember there is a lot of bad out there.
Go ahead and leave; please take care,
Please, keep in touch if you must dare.
I will see you again someday,
Perhaps on a midsummer day.
Time passed by with no word,
Were you free as a bird?
Wondering I decided to continue on,
You finally get lost and become a Black Swan?
Then today I learned you were gone,
You slipped away just before dawn.
But what can I say to this news,
There is nothing worse than the blues.
Well, life goes on for the living,
Maybe it was misforgiving.
Yet, I will try and not cry,
Instead I will say good–bye.


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