Review of Star Wars: Phasma by Delilah S. Dawson
By: Jim Small

Lets start off with one simple word – SPOILERS – Some of this article will discuss plot points and could potentially ruin the book. And another small point I did not actually read Star Wars: Phasma. I listened to the unabridged audio book.

Now with that out of the way let us begin. Star Wars: Phasma is a story told about Phasma but not from Phasma's point of view. An interesting way to relay a back story. Phasma's story is being told by telling the story of one of her clan mates Siv. Siv's story is one of journey through a post apocalyptic wasteland to a fallen star ship and their salvation with the First Order.

On their travels they encounter dangerous insects, monstrous creatures (both human and inhuman), a Gand profit, nuclear wastes, betrayal and a cult whose membership consists of only droids. Praise to the creator.

These stories of Siv, Phasma and the rest of their party are being told to a First Order officer named Cardinal while interrogating a Resistance spy. In between stories we the reader begin to feel for Cardinal and what Phasma took from him. Namely the training program of First Order initiates.

In these stories we learn that Phasma is a survivor. Willing to whatever it takes to survive. A prime example of the strong survive. So what happened between this book and The Force Awakens cause she sucks in that movie. I mean really captured by an old man and a failed (possibly force sensitive) soldier on a bse literally the size of a planet.

And lets not start on The Last Jedi. These stories told to Cardinal show no hint of revenge being one of her driving forces. Just survival at any cost

A bonus in this book is we learn of Brendal Hux. Father of Armitage Hux. In this story we learn that Armitage was raised with the other initiates but with special privileges. This story does explain how the man we see in The Force Awakens rose to a place of power in the First Order.

This book requires no previous Star Wars knowledge all you need to know is contained in the book. However it is presented in such a way as not to bore people who already know what is going on.

The author has skillfully created a story as to make you cheer and love the characters including Phasma and mourn their loss. And as the story progresses you faith in Phasma begins to dwindle until the very last story, which is the first one, her true character is revealed.

One final note. The crashed ship that Siv and Phasma and headed for is the personal shuttle of Chancellor Palpatine. The big silver one we saw the in the prequels. Phasma forges her armor from that ship. Does this mean she's wearing star ship hull or plating as armor?

All and all a good book, and give it three stars . Worth the read for anyone who is a fan of Science Fiction and Post Apocalyptic genres.

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