The Killing of P3
By: Matt Wall


So there I was. It was me I was sure of, but how sure is yet to remain seen. I was younger than I am now, by only a matter of minutes, but at the end of the day, that is really beside the point.

So there I was.

I know I used that line before but I am not that amazing of a writer, just hang on this will get good I swear. I showed up with D1, he was a good friend. Mainly because he offered to drive which is more than I can say about some other D's or P's or even E's!

What assholes.

A giant dark shadow just came over the front of my Hal the Cockroach and pushed up on my face. I know I am being watched now. I must try to figure out a better way of using code for fear that I might not be able to finish this tale without being put to death by the powers that be.

Anyway, when we got there R1, whose name for the sake of this story is P3, was late. That shouldn't surprise me. Every meeting we had before the mission, he was late too. Sometimes he would stop and get pizza or something to make it look like he was only late because he stopped to get us food, but the pizza that he got I already know was cooked and ready for pick up. At most, 3 ½ minutes were added to his ventures by this devise. Other times he would meet us at restaurants and talk loudly and shake his fists and yell obscenities in hopes that others would look to him and ask him more questions about the rambling that he spoke of just so he would have someone to talk to.

When we got there that morning, I was very happy to see that B1 was already there. It made a lot of the edge go away. The mission would not at all be easy, but I knew that B1 could get everyone’s mind off of it. We parked and got out of our vehicle. Oh yes, I almost forgot, that day, A7 was riding in the back with us. She got out too.

I had my coffee, so that was good. I was smoking cigarettes, so that was good. Then to ruin all of it, P3 finally arrived and just as I feared, he was much more drooly than ever. He sat me down to talk to me. I couldn't really hear anything he said because I was too busy staring at the dead growth that kept the back of his neck warm on cold nights. It pulsated and moved up and down. If it weren't for the fact that he spat on me when he talked, I never would have awoken to hear anything that he had to say.

"How are we on time," P3 said, "You know, I don't want to sit around here and wait all fucking morning before we start."

"I agree." I said. We would let him think that he had control a lot of the time just to keep him out of other more important things. In fact, D1 and P1 both decided, my main objective on this mission was to just keep P3 from knowing anything that was really going on and just to keep him away from all the D's, C's, P's, and A's during our mission. He was really only allowed to talk to civilians during our tenure. But I thought that alone would be enough to blow our cover, so I tried to interfere there too.

"You know I've done thousands of these things, and the one thing you always have to remember is to just hit the ground running," P3 stated. "So many times it seems to take everyone a long time to get in the zone and be able to all pull together and get shit done. Not this time. I will not stand for people sitting around waiting for the other guy to start something."

"Yeah. OK," I said, "What time is lunch?"

"How about like 2 or 2:30? I think that is a good time to break for lunch. What about you? Do you think that is a good time to break?"

"I think that is a lovely idea, P3."

P3 was gone. Thank God. That gives me time to assess the situation. What everyone on my team did not know, was that I was a double agent. There were things that I need to find out, get my hands on, and other classified things that I cannot tell you.

Later, I found out that P3 was really upset that D1 activated B1 without his consent. What he didn't know was that D1 didn't do it at all. It was me. I did it for a couple of different reasons. 1. Because P1 had requested it. Not B1 by name, but someone with her skills. 2. Because she was the hottest female of the bunch, so I knew it would boost the troop’s morale. 3. Because she talked like a sailor. Not that that's good in a homosexual way, but that she always talked about her tits and her ass. She often included them in stories about other female’s parts and loved telling us what she would or could do with her mouth. All of these things were good.

I guess P3 and D1 had an agreement of how the protocol would work in activating a B and because I did it anyway, that broke their protocol. It was just my dumb luck that D1 didn't rat me out. It’s not because he didn't want to, I think it was because he didn't know any better. See, this was only his second mission in this rank. And this mission, unlike his last one, was on a much grander scale; one that he was not familiar with. I would not be the only one to take advantage of this oversight during our mission, but more on that later.

I entered the war room and saw B1 preparing the troops. At this very moment I felt good about the mission. Our mission, or the only thing that I can share with you about the mission (which by the way, isn't that important and not even the focus of this story, just a mere subplot) was to get our secret weapon, A1 to take off her clothes. At that point we would slice her up really good until the blood came out, then she would kill the other A's. Mass murder missions like this were not the specialty of D1 who would much rather lead a charge of insertion or launching seals into battle. But because of an injury to his eye, he couldn't do that with the confidence that he used to. Back when D1 was a D2 or a P3, he followed me out on missions where I was his D1. He learned a lot under me and hopefully, he wouldn't fuck this mission up.

I had to go up into the tower once I spoke with D1 about what the hell was going on. He told me that most of the others were already up in the tower. When we got there, he was kind of right. C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5 were there getting ready to go. We even had A5 and A8 there ready to go. All we needed now was A1 to come and take off her clothes. A5 and A8 had no idea what was heading their way.

Immediately, C1 was trying to overstep his bounds and tell D1 what to do. I was getting pissed. I would have had that asshole killed if he would have done that to me if I was the D1, but D1 let it happen. I couldn't believe it. Once A1 arrived, I left. I went back down out of the tower, hoping that A1 would destroy A5 and A8 and then still be hungry and feast on C1. But no such luck. They couldn't get her clothes off. I could have done it, but that’s not my mission.

I went back inside the war room and saw that many of the other A's have arrived. Little do they know that their days are numbered. One of them, A3, is a girl that I knew prior. A friend of mine would have intercourse with her on a regular basis for fun. The odd thing is that her ribs are inverted so her breasts seem small but are actually quite large and over–sized. You can't tell because they grow inward. In fact, in about 5 days, A4 will notice this and say something about it to me in secrecy and then I will rat him out in front of A3, thereby destroying their rocky trust in one another.

There were quite a few homosexuals there. More than I thought there would be.

All in all, the first day was good. 

We had chicken.

There were however a couple of problems. For instance, Operation 25 was a complete disaster. D1 was lost. And C1 wasn't helping at all. It took almost all day. And P3 was losing his mind. The good thing though, was that no one suspected A1 of anything other than being beautiful.

D1 was sinking fast. I stepped in and got things on track, but not without arousing suspicion of my motives and what my objective might be. At that point, we moved out into an alley. It was dirty and windy. Things back there were not good.

P3 showed up with a brilliant plan. (That was sarcasm by the way). P3 was adamant about making sure that when your mouth moved, no sounds were to come out of it and to only talk when your mouth is shut. The idiot. He will ruin this whole mission with horrible orders like that. So I stood my ground and told him that was an awful idea and that we had to make sure that mouths and voices moved at the same time. He yelled at me in front of everyone because he had no idea that I was a P2. He was informed that I was only C6. So granted he yelled at me. He was about to break my cover. In fact, D1 and I were the only ones that knew P3 was in fact a R1.

I had to move quickly. I made a lunge at him like I was going on the offensive. This scared him and made him retreat. Now that P3 was away from the troops, I could chase him down and get to the bottom of this. I stopped him and pinned him up against a car. He screamed at me and I screamed right back. I convinced him that it was him who’d brought me onto the mission and that I was there to be the voice inside his head, on the outside. His tone quickly changed. Now, since he thought he brought me onto the mission, my cover could stay secure as long as P3 always collaborated my story.

I was still pissed and so was he. My job was done though. I am now his conscience. We walked back into the bunker and no one would make eye contact with me. This scared me a little bit. And just as I was staring at B1 and B2, D1 came in and called me over to tell me that P3 wanted to speak with us, in a secret room hidden off the rest of the building.

Once there, inside the large vacant room, P3 sat behind a large oak desk. I think this was just to put something between the two of us more so than to assert his dominance. He informed us that he did not like being questioned in front of the troops and his whole life he had to answer to people. This made him upset. He had fought long and hard to become a P3 and he wasn't about to let me take that away from him. D1 confirmed that he didn't know at all what was going on and had no clue what we were talking about. This put the focus on P3 and me. Soon, tears came out of his face and he wanted me to fuck him. This could not happen for reasons that I will go into later. D1 is a much stronger candidate for fucking, but that seemed out of the question. I did however notice that one of P3's forearms were much bigger than the other one which tells me that this doesn't come up too much and he does most of the fucking P3 himself.

I walked out after giving P3 a large hug that made him feel cared for.

The next day when we arrived, I was pissed. If A1 didn't get naked soon and start killing these people, I would just scream!


There I did it. I guess the cat is out of the bag.


When I said that I was a double agent, I wasn't lying. One of the tasks assigned to me was to make sure that when all of this is said and done, there are no witnesses. So if that means having A1 kill all the other A's and hopefully the C's too, then that is what will happen. P1 made that very clear to me when he made me P2. P1 also informed me that A1 was actually P4! No one knew this but P1 and me. If any of the A's or C's found out, her cover would be blown and no one would be caught dead alone with her for fear that they would be caught dead!

This day went a bit better than the last with only a few little hang ups. First off, we did manage to trick A1 (P4) to take her clothes off. This really wasn't that hard. Keeping them off was the hard part, for she wouldn't be completely okay with having nothing on until after coffee tomorrow. A1 also made some good moves throughout the day. She stabbed A10 in the ear with an ice pick and then strangled A11 (which made me quite sad because A11 was quite fun to be around. A11 was also a television). While A1 was naked, we couldn't control her at first. Well, I should say D1 couldn't control her, see, if I haven't already mentioned it, he was not familiar with naked women. A1 while spinning around after stabbing A10, lopped off A8's head. This of course was an accident, but this is something D1 will have to fill out the paperwork for. This would never have happened if I was D1. 

I went back into the bunker and saw B1.

It was time.

I motioned for her to follow me around the corner. She came to me with her white blonde hair sitting perfectly on her beautiful head and I grabbed her large, tan breast and squeezed it firmly. She looked deep into my eyes while I turned her nipple dial to "moist hand job". Her palm secreted just enough silicone vaginal secretion and she massaged me to climax and caught it in her mouth. I might have forgotten to tell you that B1 is a robot.

No one else really knew.

Some may have, but it really isn't an important part of the story. 

I like to call ones like B1 – sexbots. It seems to make more sense. I hope that there is time later in this mission to actually have intercourse with B1; she was made to my specifications perfectly. B2 obviously is not a sexbot. She is just a general whore. She will fuck me for cigarettes. I don't know if I would really want to do that though. I like the sexbots because of their "self–cleaning" feature which makes any kind of STD, a fear of the past. 

I couldn't find P3 anywhere. Then I heard that P1 was around. I walked into a room and found him with his mouth on parts of A6. He told me to not tell A1 about this due to the fact the mission would change and her "auto target lock" would take over. I understood. A6 did not however. She was Russian.  He then told me two more things that would complicate my mission. One was that A12 was my responsibility, to which I asked if that meant I needed to kill him. Apparently, A12 is notorious for never being where he should be and it was my responsibility to get him to the warehouse tomorrow so A1 could do him in. I asked why A12 was so important and in P1's answer came the second thing that I learned. P1 told me that the Chinese needed A12 taken care of and had asked P1 as a favor. In fact as soon as A6 got the white liquid out of P1, he would be off to China to inform them that the deed was done. 

The Chinese?!

This has gotten much deeper than I ever could have thought. This complicates matters greatly, especially since I have my own mission on top of being a double agent. My mission, above all others, is to kill P3. I believe that D1 knows why I'm there but honestly, he is so deep into his mission I don't think he would even notice. 

The C's were out of control as well. I couldn't handle it anymore and I knew that everyone was busy. I had to blow off some steam. I found C5 alone in a room and walked over to him and very politely placed my hand inside of his belly and pull his innards out and then strangled him with them. Yes, I know that C5 would've died just from laying there with his inside parts on his outside but I needed to get the negative energy out of my system by pulling with great vigor the intestines tight around his neck.

I felt better. A lot better. Even more so when I pushed C4 off the top of the building so that his head would break his fall once he came into contact with the hard Earth below. 

We had pizza.


This day started with B1's naked android body riding me to completion. So yes, this day started better than most. D1 picked me up and I told B1 to wait in the back then five minutes after I leave she can head over to the warehouse which is downtown in the heart of the slum district. This location will make it easy to dispose of the bodies after A1 is done with her part of the mission. I received a message from P1 while in transport with D1. The message stated that we need to complete the mission today; all of it. A1 needs to be ready as soon as we get there. The Chinese are pissed. They expect results and we have been dillydallying. 

When we got there, I noticed that P3 was there. He was staring through me. He is onto me. I knew it. I had to come up with a way to get him off my scent. I explained to D1 that not only did we have to trick A1 to get out of her clothes but we then needed to quickly hide her coverings so that she would rage out and just annihilate everyone. 

I saw B1 come in just in time. I asked her if she and B2 could spend the day running interference on P3. I didn't need his bullshit today. B1 told me how all she wants to do is help me (now if she was a real girl I would be touched, but I programmed her to say that).  They went over to P3 and started making out in front of him. I telepathically told her to make sure that she gives extra attention to his growth on the back of his neck.

She smiled.

The torture room had quite a few sub rooms connected to it. By the time I got in there, A1 was completely naked and was eating A15's face. We are on the right track. After it swallowed A15 whole, it was open, and it looked directly at me. I was horrified. I made eye contact with A1 who looked at me and smiled. It was a good thing that she was going through what we call in this line of work "food coma" or I would have been done for. 

D1 grabbed me by the arm and reprimanded me. He reminded me of how dangerous looking into an A1 could be. Little did he know that even though it is dangerous, I have had my fair share of dealings while looking down the throats. Some even more powerful than an A1! 

Back at the warehouse base camp, the rest of the A's sat around bored while one by one they were being called into a room to be lunch for the naked A1. I checked in on B1 and B2 to see how it was going with P3. All good over there. He was taking pictures with them while they had had intercourse across his lap. Just then, A14 pushed me out of her way and said some very nasty things to me. I understand that she doesn't know that I'm really P2 and most of the time a D1, but it still pissed me off. I looked at the rest of the A's and they seemed a little scared of what may happen next. Does this mean my cover has been exposed? Does this mean everyone knows? 

I very quietly with a smile, followed A14 out into the hallway where I grabbed her by the neck and shoved my finger and thumb into her flesh on both sides of her throat, ripping it out onto the floor. She was very cute, but no sexbot. I pushed her corpse into what I thought was a closet but ended up being a bathroom where A13 sat pissing into a toilet. Of course her reaction was a loud one. I jumped over the corpse and filled her open mouth with my fist. I kept pushing my arm through her wet, toothy hole until I heard her jaw snap half way up my forearm. I pinched her nose shut with my other hand and calmly waited until she stopped breathing. Some of you might not see the problem here, so let me spell it out for you…

A1 needs to kill a certain amount of A's or else very bad things will happen to all of us.

In my rage I have dispatched two A's that were intended for A1. I would have to figure out a way to fix this. I felt like I was forgetting something but I couldn't be bothered with it at the moment due to the fact that C7 came up to me crying. She was the only C that was attractive but I'm pretty sure at one point she was a man.  She was crying however because one of the weapons that P3 was really very adamant about having during this objective wasn't working. It was a stupid weapon to have in the first place but P3 couldn't be talked out of it in our briefings before we set out. She was afraid he would have her killed if he found out. I told her to take it easy for the time being since I knew he was being subdued. But, she had to try to fix it as soon as possible. 

I checked on P3 and let's just say I'm super glad that B1 has a "self–cleaning" feature.

Once back in the torture room, I found D1 with C's 1–3. They were trying to figure out a way to keep A1 in this one sub room and still get another A in there for her to kill. Just then, A5 walked into that sub room not knowing what was going on. A1 leaped into action and ripped out A5's breasts. Blood was everywhere. I thought for sure A5 had breasts that were full of silicone, but I was wrong. The inside of a breast is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. I left them to clean up.

I still felt like I was forgetting something. 

P3 came by and asked if I thought now was a good time for lunch because he felt like it was a good time for lunch (that is the R1 in him). I said sure. He asked if I thought Chinese would be okay with everyone…


Holy shit!

The Chinese!


I panicked. I asked P3 if he could find out where A12 was. He let me know that he outranks me and it's against protocol for me to ask him things like that or give him orders. I agreed. I let him know that Chinese would be fine and I hurried to find B1.

When I found her, she was finishing her last rinse cycle from her keeping P3 occupied. I told her how important it was that A12 get there soon and if she or B2 could go get him and make sure he was there. She left, still dripping. 

I made it back into the room where the A's were waiting. They were getting upset. They knew something wasn't right. They started asking me questions. Questions I didn't want to answer. A4 jumped up and demanded to see D1. I thought maybe walking him into the lion's den wasn't a bad idea especially since he seemed to be a rebel rouser. A2 said he wanted to come as well. The problem with this situation is that A4 used to be close with D1 back when D1 was an A many years ago. D1 hasn't been jaded enough to set aside his feelings. I'm not sure how this will go. A2 was a closeted gay night club singer in his past life. Now, he's just a stupid fucking A. 

So into the torture room I take A2 and A4. A1 just woke up from her dealing with A5 and jumped on A4 who thought she was coming onto him. Very quickly he disrobed in front of all of us and tried to have intercourse with A1 as she killed him. A2 freaked out as soon as the blood sprayed him in the face. A1 lunged at him. He quickly grabbed C3 and pushed him into her. This gave A2 a minute to figure out what to do and let the shock wear off while she bled C3 out. C3 was to be married next week. 

A2 made it to the door and yelled, "RUN," just before he met his demise at the teeth of A1. I knew that I had to make it to the room with the A's to calm everyone down before this all got out of hand. I made a decision to jump over A1 while she fed on A2. That was by far the scariest moment in my long career. She could've grabbed me and pulled me into the carnage. But, I really think that she and I have a bond. I think she knows what I'm there for. I’m here to help her, to ensure that everything goes to plan. That look we shared when she was eyeballing me––there was a spark. 

I rounded the corner to see the A's trying to run out of the room. My only hope was violence. I knew that if I knocked the biggest motherfucker down the rest would play by the book. There were only four left. Five if you count A12. A9 was the only man left, second if you count A12. A3, A6 and A7 were all that were left; all women, all beautiful. The Russian A6 was by far the best looking. So I cracked A9 in the knee cap and then punched A6 in the kidney. That was a bit sad considering, she doesn't speak English and most likely has no idea why anyone was running anyway. Regardless, it kept the rest quiet, scared and still. This isn't the best way this could've gone. 

B1 finally showed up. A12 was nowhere to be seen. I asked her where he was and she said that he wanted to eat a ham sandwich over by the kitchen area. I ran over there to find him hitting on A1. Again, A1 is naked. So the idea that anyone eating a ham sandwich would have a beautiful naked woman in front of them is living in a fantasy world that I'm sure he didn't mind. His pickup lines were unnecessary and wouldn't have worked anyway, but he reached his hand out (the one without the sandwich), and she ripped the arm off. A12 choked on his sandwich while trying to scream. It was good that no one heard him and it's a good thing that the Chinese will be off our backs. Now, I can get back to what I've been sent here to do.

When I came out I saw that P3 had returned with Chinese food. Everyone ate. P3 informed me that a HJSD would be coming by to see how things were going.



I was mortified. Those people take record of everything anyone ever says. My cover will be blown. HJSD will know me, will know who I've been, will know my status and will blow my cover. That's what they do. I don't have much time. 

I found D1 who was interested to hear the news of HJSD's arrival. I tried to explain to him why this was a very bad thing but I couldn't without giving up why it bothers me so. I said some horrible things about P3 then turned around to see standing there before me, HJSD. 

The HJSD showed great enthusiasm to see me and hear what I had to say. He then informed me that P3 said that he is going to really be throwing his weight around to show everyone who's the boss.  This too did not sit well.

We made it back into the main area of the warehouse. There, I found that C1 and C2 were keeping the four A's at bay while P3 paced around. A1 was locked in a small room near the kitchen until she would become hungry again. 

The A's asked what was going on, why are we doing this, the typical cries you hear from people before their lives are taken from them. I had to drown it out because D1 was freaking out. He wasn't sure how to make the rest of this go since the A's weren't supposed to know their fate. It’s Operation 25 all over again. I let him know I was there for him with whatever he needed. He looked like he was about to ask me something when the cries of a woman from another room startled me.

I ran around the corner and found P3 holding C7 by her hair and smashing her face into the counter. I grabbed him by the head and threw him into the wall. After asking what was transpiring, C7 tried to talk but couldn't. Then P3 told me a story about how his weapon was broken. I knew something like this would happen.  The worst part is HJSD is taking notes right behind me. This couldn't be worse. I grabbed P3 by the face and told him to just get out there and do his job or else I would do it for him. He said that I didn't have the right. To be fair as far as P3 knew, he was right. But that was about to change. 

I made it out to the main room to see HJSD interviewing C7. I shook it off. D1 was quite panicked. There seemed to be a lot of that going on. D1 didn't know who to kill next. I told him it was very easy. If we open the door now, A1 will come in and kill A7 and could probably catch either A9 or A3 before they make it into the next room. D1 was more worried about our safety and where we would hide to stay out of harm’s way. I told him that I would handle it and to go hide behind the brick–a–brack. Right then, P3 stood up and made his presence known. 

He screamed about how I dared try to take over his mission when I'm just a C6. And that if he wanted to kill every one of us he could and none of us would be missed. He screamed that he was the boss and that he called the shots. He looked me straight in the eye and told me to go fuck myself and then left. 

HJSD had more than enough to write a proper report about how bad our team had completely fucked this mission up. There was nothing I could do, HJSD was very high up and if I tried to stop him or interfered in anyway it would be curtains for me. D1 however didn't know how horrible this could be. So I tried to convince him quickly that he should try to go stop HJSD while I let A1 out.  So that he did.

C1 and C2 were all set but they didn't like that fact that I took over. See, they have been working under P3 for years, C1 the longest of anyone.  They used to go cut up people for doctors, back when you could still make money doing that. Apparently on the black market, C1 still does those as solo shows. C2 is from another place. He shouldn't be here. But for some reason P3 has been able to hide him through paperwork.

While B1, B2 and C7 hid, C2 was ready to pop the door open for A1 to come out running. A7 was fighting me the whole time as I tried to put her close enough to the door for this to work. I screamed to the rest of the A's that the doorway on the right was their only way out and if they didn't believe me they would be dead for sure. C2 opened the door.

I jumped back as A1 devoured A7. A3, A6 and A9 ran as fast as they could, straight into the door on the right which I told them to go through, which of course was a tiny room with no exit. A1 leaped to her feet and threw a knife into A6's shoulder right before she made it into the room. They tried to get the door shut once they realized that there was no getting out but it was too late. A1 made it through the door and C2 ran over and shut it behind them while C1 locked it.

I didn't like C1 so as he stood up I unlocked the door and kicked him through it and quickly pulled the door back shut and locked it in time so that they were all still trapped. I hoped to god that this would be enough for A1's appetite. 

Out of the corner of my eye I saw C2 hang up his phone and slowly make for the main entrance. I asked him where he was going. Seeing what I just did to C1 he was scared. And he had every right to be. I would definitely kill him if he tried anything. He informed me that P3 was waiting outside for him and was going to leave us all here. I broke one of C2's legs and picked up the phone when P3 called back.

I let him know that he had better come back into the warehouse because there was a problem that only he could fix. He then told me that he talked to the HJSD and knew I wasn't a C and that I could figure it out myself. I told him that P1 was up there and looking for him. This made him very nervous because P1 could have him executed. He wasn't sure if P1 was really back from China yet. But he knew that if he disobeyed an order from P1, it would be the end of him. 

Moments later, P3 poked his ugly head through the entrance and I grabbed him by his fuzzy hair and threw him into a chair. I asked him many questions that he refused to answer. That's when he told me about the extermination papers. I couldn't believe it. P3 signed extermination papers for B1, B2, C7 and D1! I didn't understand.

Why? I thought. 

He said that it was during that process he found out that I wasn't a C and that I actually outranked him. He found this out because he tried to put papers through on me. I told him that he had to put a hard stop on those papers and he said he couldn't. I knew he could because I know the process. He screamed as I beat his face into what resembled our lunch. He wasn't budging and I knew that if I hurried I could resend his orders. 

D1 walked in right as P3 was breathing his last breath. Of course he was shocked. I knew I would have to debrief him. His eyes were wide and his jaw hit the floor. The door to the back room opened and out walked A1. She looked beautiful and tired. She thanked me, asked me for her clothes and kissed me on the cheek. D1 walked her to where we hid her belongings. 

It seemed everything was fine. B1, B2 and C7 came out of their hiding spots just as C2 put bullets into the heads of B2 and C7. I quickly made his heart stop beating by puncturing it with sharp metal. Besides resending the extermination requests, our work was done there. I made everyone happy. The Chinese, P1, D1 and even P4 since she is no longer an A1. Her status might go up to P3 now but I really hate that rank. 

After I debriefed him on everything I could tell him, D1 asked me what we were to do now. I told him that I was going to go home to sleep with my sexbot.



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