The Bountiful Crusade
By: Kevin Magnus

Today I feel so weak and tired,
While people around me are wired.

I am trapped inside this damned domestic Hell,
A prisoner of self worth caged in this cell.

Daily, I fight my own demons to the death,
While you carry on blindly loaded on meth.

For peace, I must conquer your demons as well,
I am very tired and afraid I might fail.

Your monsters are twice as evil as my own,
But, beaten and battered I cast the last stone.

The beast crumbled, but I know he was not dead,
I am too tire to end this and take his head.

I pick up my tattered sword and drag it home,
While in my heart, I have a desire to roam.

Life has never been about what I want,
I am not one for yearning or a vaunt.

Then once inside I find myself all alone,
But I am here now, upon my idle throne .

I will rest to continue the fight all again,
A tireless journey to find everlasting zen.


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