By: Copper Rose

Time wears away my stone with its sharp edges.
I, Laird, who moved from the city to enjoy the peaceful country life filled with rabbits
and red squirrels I shot with my musket and the raccoon I drowned
In the wooden trap in the pond behind my cabin.
Oh! The peaceful country life of snakes and turtles whose heads I sliced off
Before they could startle my wife as she parted the flowers in their beds.
But it was that neighbor's damned cat that did me in.
"It's a cat for god's sake," I told her
After she held it up for me to see the powder marks on its face.
"It's a cat so just get over it."
She dropped the cat at my feet
and her scrawny fingers wrapped around my throat
with her bony thumbs
Pushing against my wind pipe.
I stabbed her in the leg but her fingers kept on, her thumbs kept pushing.
There was no letting go.
The last thing I saw was a snake
slithering over the grass
behind my wife
as she parted the flowers
in their beds.


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