SeaWitch – Hunters Moon: Heat
By: Melissa Small

Sun shone down like a fireball over the shoulder of an elderly female Elf dressed in long blue robes with a silver trim which aligned the hood of her robe, she limped across cobbled street towards the Cobbled Inn. A local drinking place in a small village called Kingstown. Kingstown was small just a few shops, Butcher, Blacksmith, Inn, Baker shop and a few small homes it was the last village before the edge of the Sky Kingdom.

The door to the Cobbled Inn was open with two huge travelers standing out front of it. Both moved aside to allow her to walk in. The older women stepped inside the bar to hear the usual hustle and bustle of people talking and drinking.

She made her way through the crowds and over to the bar keep, a human with shaggy black hair and a long bread. "Well could it be, My Lady Vanntie." He said bowing slightly. "Let me guess your looking for Union? "The barkeep said.

"Let me guess, "She replied. "He's back there?" she added. "Pointing behind the bar towards the basement stairs.

"Been at it since Noon." He replied. "He might need a med kit."

"We'll see." She smirked. She then made her way to the very back of the bar past the ladies of the evening table. These ladies left little to the imagination stared at her as she limped by their table. Continuing towards the back of the bar she moved around the next table as two men arguing about who won their game of chance. Arriving at the stairs she could then make out the sounds of a fight.

"Not again" she mumbled as she began to make her descent down the old set of stairs. "Just once I wish they'd have theses events on the main level. So hard on old knees."

Arriving at the bottom of the stairs Vanntie encountered the usual gamblers, adventures and scoundrels the usual for this type of event. Gritting from the pain from the stairs Vannite pushed through the thick crowds towards a ring. As she walked towards the ring the crowd seem to get more violate and more aggressive.

As she took her next step she froze suddenly as she had this urge to duck was giving as she senses in magic danger. She stepped a side and yelled Fluinious as two rather large mugs of ale stopped in mid air. She then reached up grabbed one of them and began to drink it. No sense in wasting perfectly good ale. She then left the other one hanging in mid air as she walked past it continuing towards the ring.

In the ring was her prize. A tall young shirtless man who at the time was getting his face punched in. He would be handsome if not for the bruises and cuts on his face.

Lady Vanntie turned and looked over at the side of the ring and stopped to look at a small greenish gray frog –spider like creature who was hang off the ring with all eight of his legs yelling commands at the man she needed.

"Borist." She cried out and the crowds stopped cheering.

" SSSS…Nag…" The creature replied. " Ssss Union..sssss.." It cried out and jumped off the ropes.

Union looked over his shoulder saw her and turned. "Well this is over" and punched the man who was hitting him across the ring. "Sorry but duty calls." He then grabbed his shirt off the floor and slipped under the ropes and looked at Borist.

"I know, two more rounds, Tell Grimps I will pay him back later." He said as he put his shirt back on. It was missing buttons and had a few holes in it.

"sssss……No …sss…sssss. I live" The green creature replied. "Borist …ssss not …sss crazy…..Boirst not paying your tab again."

"Fine…then you better gear up. We got a job to do." Union said as he pulled his hands through is mess short black hair. Trying to make himself presentable in front of a Lady of the council.

"Mr Union. Illegal Fighting is banned in the kingdom. " Lady Vanntie replied with a smirk.

"Only if you get caught." He replied. "Its great to see you my Lady. I trust the king is well. "

"As expected, we have a problem but we can't speak here. Is there somewhere we can speak? "she said softly.

"Of course." He said. "Borist go up stairs and get my room ready."

"SSS..Yes " The greenish grey creature said and hopped on to all eight legs and cantered up the stairs.

"Ulva." He man called out and a huge Blue tick colored Direwolf the size of a pony got up from the corner of the room and the crowds parted as it walked over to her owner.

"After you my Lady "Union replied. "We shell go to my quarters her above the bar. "he replied.

"No more stairs today" Vanntie walked over to the stairs and instead of walking up the stairs she cast a float spell on herself and floated up the stairs as Union walked.

"You know I should learn that spell, after you give me that magic coat I want." Union asked

"The council is still not allowing you any magic items but they might warm up to a ring if you can finish this job without any troubles.

"Troubles. The last time was not my fault "he tried to say.

"Save it." replied coldly. "This is important." She said as he opened the door to his quarters to find. Borist scurrying about cleaning the bachelor's apartment up as fast as he could.

Borist stopped dead in his tracks holding what appeared to me ladies' stocks and undergarments in his claws. He then hopped into the closet, tossing the items inside and closed the door.

Vanntie looked over at Union. "Is there a wench in here or should I be worried about your wardrobe?" she asked with a smirk.

Union rolled his eyes. "So, this Job?" he asked. "Who do you need killed?" he offered her a spot to sit down. Ulva wandered over and hopped up on his bed. Looked right at Union and put her big wolf head on his pillow. Knowing Union would not yell at her with company by.

Vanntie sat down and crossed her long elven legs. For an older elf she was still rather beautiful with long blonde gold hair and crystal green eyes. She sighed softly and replied.

"Captain Gora and her Crew."

"WHAT? "Union said as he almost fell over.

"The SEAWITCH Crew." He replied in shock. "That is the strongest and most powerful ship our military built. Why are we hunting our own ship?"

"Captain Gora and her crew have become pirates." Vanntie said sadly. "I have my orders from the Duke of Sky."

"From the Duke. Well that settles it. He hated the fact a great ship in our Navy's history was given to a woman and that fact half her crew are your people. The ship was a joint effort between the Elves and the people of Sky in order to protect our waters around our little idle from pirates. And now he is accusing them of piracy. Something smells."

"Union if you don't take this, I will be forced to ask Captain Kantino to proceed and you know Gora's chance with him are not good. The Duke wants the ship sunk not taken. Just get on board and bring us back the captain of that ship. "

"Captain Gora is not just going to let me walk on her ship and talk her off it. She will fight and so will her men. I'd need ten thousand men to go after The Seawitch!" He replied.

"Done. I have 5 attack vessels waiting for you at the harbor and more on there way who will meet you enroute. " Vanntie said.

"Fine but I know this is wrong and I'm bring her in alive for Trial." He said.

"Just find them before the Dukes men find them." She said. "And Captain Union. Remember the Seawitch defenses are the best we have. Fighting may not be the way to do this."

"OH, I'm well aware of her defenses Vanntie. That's what I'm worried about."

Vanntie stood up from the chair and walked over to the door. She opened and stepped out into the hallway. "Tell no one I was here and Captain. Be Swift, there are others who want the bounty on this ship." Vanntie opened the door and turned to face Union. "Watch yourself, something sinister is moving in the wings Captain and I intend to find it." She then closed the door and he could hear her boots taping soundly as she walked away.

"Borist. "He cried out.

"SS Yes Master..sss." He hissed.

"We have a job to do." He said sadly.

"SSs sir…its not…SSSS her."

"Borist, better we get to her first then the bounty hunters who will hunt them. The ship is fast but can't it out run gold. "he said. "Ready my bags and let go."

Borist had grabbed Unions travel bags he had been packing while his Master and the Lady where talking. "SSSir Ready."

Union sighed and opened the door to his room. "Sometimes Borist I hate this job." He then held the door for his green friend, Ulva and closed it and locked it. Turning he shook his head as he followed the green creature and the giant Dire wolf down the hallway.



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