The Night of the Living Dead
By: Kevin Magnus

"Barbara," he said, "they're coming for you,"
The Brother cried out in his taunting boo.
Then the first Zombie came up from the dead,
Hungry flesh after a bite of the head.
Within mere moments the siblings were pray,
As the Z–Nation took control that day.
Zombies lurked in the dark night wanting blood,
Their cold dead corpses staggered through the mud.

Then we move inside the abandoned house in the woods,
Survivors boarded the windows to protect the goods.
It all seemed safe until the egos and tempers flared,
And then, they all begin to die one by one, who dared.
In the moment we thought the night finally ended,
Ben, being the hero, who won, as he defended.

With a BANG everything stopped in its tracks,
Thought he was a walker put into the racks.
As the sun came up, so did the man's gun,
They wiped them out with no new place to run.

Soon forgotten, only remembered what is read,
Well, that is until it's time for Dawn of the Dead!


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