By: Stephanie Bardy

I am strong.
I can not be torn apart, beaten down, shattered, by your words.
I will not lose my footing, my knee's will not touch the earth.
I am strong and I will NOT go down.

I choose.
I see your words, your anger, out there.
Where it belongs. It does not touch me.
It is my choice what I allow in, what I allow to affect me.
I choose how I will react.

Being woman does not mean you can tear me down.
It does not mean I will get back up.
It means I will stand tall and remain firm on my feet.
Being woman, any piece that is ripped away, is a lesson learned.
And I move on.

I am Strong, I am in control of my reactions, my emotions and my environment.
I am here. Present in my body, safe in my Spirituality, and what does not nourish that, does not exist in my world.

I do not lead, I will not follow.
I will travel my road, and welcome those kindred spirits, along the way.
I stand alone, but am not alone.
For what I do not find in me, I will not find without me.


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