One Night
By: Lallie Napier

You taste the sweat from off my brow
As the fire keeps us warm
Your fingertips cause electric crackles
Deep into my core

Your scent invades my senses
My head begins to swim
My nails draw deeply down your back
You surrender to my whim

We pant and moan, claw and grind
As our carnal orchestra roars
Impossibly slowly our bodies merge
My soul and heart are yours

You stare deeply into my eyes
As our music beats a crescendo
Then in a single perfect moment you're mine
We collapse, laughing for we know

That never have two people
Made such perfect love
As if we were meant to be
Ordained from above

I stretch my hand to touch your face
You slap my hand away
I see by the look in your eye
This is not meant for play

I ask you, "What's the matter?
Why did you strike me so?"
You shoot a glare of pure contempt
As you prepare to go

You speak not a word
As you put on your clothes
Your silence wounds far deeper
Than a thousand powerful blows

My tears come uninvited
As you hasten to the door
Leaving me broken and confused
Curled, weeping on the floor.


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