Fade into You
By: Kevin Magnus

Standing here inside the darkness alone,
Wanting my true intentions to be known.
Understanding I truly have no home,
Trapped underneath this cold cast–iron dome.

No true direction to be guided in,
To be lost to a seedless life of sin.
And yet, I still move with no real clue,
It's so strange the thought of not having you.

I look deep into you and see nothing,
Wish I knew all this time, you were bluffing.
Hunger burns, I want to take back my dream,
I wish that I did not fall for your scheme.

And, to finally witness the sad truth,
All these lies force feed to me since my youth.
Now I must disperse into the darkness.
To be consumed by the painful starkness.

Discard this mortal Bastille and be free,
To surrender is the ultimate key.
Darkness, I am ready fade into you,
Everything old, will finally be new.


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