Review of Detroit: Become Human for the PS4
By: Kevin Adams

I have played similar games from Quantic dream such as Heavy Rain and it was 'enjoyable' but this game is by far a superior addition to their library. In this game you will start out playing as Connor a robot detective who is a prototype by a company called CyberLife, you will find that he is very proficient in his investigative abilities.

One of the first things you will notice is that the graphics are just insane, and I feel that is probably one of the major things that drag you into the game. You will be greeted by Chloe at the start menu who often will actually interact with you between gaming sessions, I can't say anymore than that.

When you begin the story line you will not easily put it down as you are continuously curious as to what is next for any of the characters you play or interact with in the game. You'll begin to develop a real feeling for the environments that the characters are placed in and you'll be hard pressed to not develop feelings and care about what happens to them.

Now with all that being said I must warn you that the game is MOSTLY all quick time events, however the game does reward you when you 'search for clues' by unlocking different dialogue and action options in the current and future chapters.

This game itself is not insanely difficult for a seasoned gamer, however the choices you have to make within the game are sometimes gut wrenching and will provide ample amounts of mental stress as your choices can be timed. It does offer the opportunity to return to previously played chapters to perform different actions that will take you down different paths, providing alternate story content you may not have seen the first time around. It is recommended to do this after beating the game though.

It is a bit expensive for a highly story driven game that can be beaten in about 15 hours or so depending on what you do and how much you look around and interact with everything. Is it worth the money? YES. Begrudgingly I will recommend that you rent it first due to the fact that you could beat it in such a short time for a fraction of the price of the game.

I will give this game a 4 out of 5 stars!