Review of Movie Tau & Mr. Right
By: Jason Bechard

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And we're back! Back for more of my silly musings on movies you may not have heard of, or at least, may not have given a chance.

This month's viewings have absolutely nothing in common, so no theme to this month's reviews.

First up, the sci–fi thriller, Tau (2018).Written by Noga Landau (their first feature), directed by Federico D'Alessandro (also, their first features director), and starring Maika Monroe (It Follows 2014), Ed Skrein (Francis from Deadpool), and THE Gary Oldman (YES THAT GARY OLDMAN!) as the voice of Tau.

Here is the IMDB synopsis: "A woman is held captive by a scientist in a futuristic smart house, and hopes to escape by reasoning with the Artificial Intelligence that controls the house."

This movie was fantastic. Right from the start, the visual look of this film sets a nice, slightly futuristic, tone, with imagery, very much akin to the world of Blade Runner. Gritty, but with lots of sexy neon. The special effects in this flick looked great, which is always a plus!They were so good, in fact, that it fuels my anger towards a certain "BIG" production company *Cough Warner Brothers Cough*, that produced "Blockbuster", with effects that looked like crap *Cough Justice League Cough*, but i digress.

The story builds in a similar fashion to a "Saw" movie. Lots of mystery, with little for answers, until much later. And…this movie was pleasantly UNPREDICTABLE!I thought I knew where things were going. I thought I knew how it would end. I was pleasantly surprised. How rare is that?

Maika Monroe is one to watch!I'll admit, I have only seen her in one other film so far, 2014's sleeper horror hit, It Follows. But, in both of these films, she is really breaking up the stereotype for a female lead in a horror thriller. Sure they start out helpless and weak, but once they get their wits about them, LOOK OUT!Just enough bad–ass to be believable. I like it. Ed Skrein, good old "Francis".The dude can act!Not a one trick pony for bad–ass villainy, his role in this film was very, very different. Quiet, precise, methodical, and VERY socially awkward! A top–notch performance in my book. Now what can I say about Gary Oldman?If you don't know the man's work, you are a fool!He is an actor's actor. He is known for being almost unrecognizable with every role, because he IS that role!I didn't even realize it was him as the voice of Tau, until I read the credits, and I don't mean that in a bad way!The Tau character is so intriguing, and as things progress, the character changes, adding even more intrigue!Some might argue that voice acting is "lesser" acting, but that is certainly not my opinion. To be able to portray the emotions that they do, without body language, is a high degree of acting!GARY OLDMAN IS THE MAN!

All in all, Tau (2018) is great sci–fi/thriller, that hits all the right notes. I give it 4 1/2 Stars!

Next up, Mr. Right (2015).Written by Max Landis (Bright, American Ultras, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency), directed by Paco Cabezas (Tokarev), and starring Anna Kendrick (Yup, the Pitch Perfect girl), Sam Rockwell (Yes, THAT Sam Rockwell), and Tim Roth (Yes, the guy from a bunch of Tarantino's flicks).

The IMDB synopsis: "A girl falls for the perfect guy, who happens to have a very fatal flaw: he's a hitman on the run from the crime cartels who employ him."

This flick is CRAZY FUN!It's in that weird, just slightly unrealistic but still kinda believable, genre of action/spy/assassin films.

Visually, it's real world. No crazy special effects, outside of some wicked fight sequences. I like that. Simple.

The story starts out like a romantic comedy. Girl discovers boyfriend is cheating, in the most blatantly way possible, and goes into a drunken depression. She meets some weird dude, with no filter, who sweeps her out on a date, and there's instant chemistry. Then bullets, knives, and other bad–assery start flying. A romantic ACTION comedy?WHAT!?

Interesting bit of trivia, writer Max Landis has created his own little universe, as there is reference in this film to a CIA project Ultra (American Ultras), and his Dirk Gently product references Project Blackwing with similar connections to the Ultra project. I love ties like that!And, the story has some real unpredictability in it as well!Always a plus!

Anna Kendrick is adorable!No denying that. I love her in everything I have seen her in. But, her progress in this flick, from sweet and innocent, to just shy of bat–shit crazy, is truly remarkable. It's not linear. You watch as she rides a roller coaster of emotions, but slipping more and more into crazy as things progress. And her line of, "I feel motivated!" is downright awesome!This may be inappropriate, my apologies, but crazy Anna is SO HOT!Of course, she has to keep up with Sam Rockwell, and that's not easy. Rockwell, is notorious for being underrated, which makes absolutely no sense!He has only recently gotten some recognition, for his work in "3 Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri", but his catalog of amazing work, goes back 20+ years!It is nearly impossible, no IT IS impossible, to find a Sam Rockwell role that wasn't mesmerizing. But he doesn't get many LEAD roles!WHA!?!?!He plays this role, so emphatically perfect, that I want more!Tim Roth, another actor who is always a delight (SEE "FOUR ROOMS"),as a mysterious agent hunting Rockwell, but he is obviously not what he appears to be. He slips between identities so smoothly, and given the history that is revealed, I WANT MORE OF HIM TOO!

Max Landis, I am talking to you!GIVE US MORE OF THIS!More of this world you have created.PLEASE!


Overall, I love this flick.So much bat–shit crazy, with some funny cuteness, mixed in with some real kick–ass action!What's not to love?

Based on how this movie makes me feel, I am giving it 5 stars!

See you next month, Folks!