Shattered Ice
By: Lallie Napier

The chill wind bites my hands and face
As I sit here, in this cold, dead place
Once joyous life flowed through these veins
Now only breathless dark remains

Oh, to force heat to this awful space
To melt these walls at a rampant pace
To smash the shadows that poison still
To save this heart, to free it's will

I bang my fists upon this ice
I beg for the strength to crack and slice
I pray for warmth, for something pure
A kind embrace, an impressive cure

I shout and cry and scream anon
Suffering heartbreak's pain full on
'You must let go' I tell this heart
'Shake winter's hold, believe, be smart

Don't live in pain, in frigid sorrow
Shutting yourself off from every tomorrow.'
This heart doesn't listen. It cares not what I say
It does not wish to live this day

Wait! Did you hear? That sound, could it be?
Could warmth have found its way in? Let me see!
Yes! Yes! I see dripping and signs
Of life renewed, a small light shines

A thunderous crack appears in the wall
Shards rain on my head as the barriers fall
The rush of life! The hope! The heat!
The water swirls around my feet

Oh joy! Oh what rapture is this!
What miracle wraps my legs in bliss?
The warming water climbs my body so
Encapsulating me in its flow

I know I'll drown as the thaw completes
That is my purpose, those few heartbeats
I hear the telltale sound of my death
The beats begin with my last breath.


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