Review of God of War for the PS4
By: Kevin Adams

I've been with God of War since the beginning and it hooked me from the first epic boss battle, so believe me when I tell you that I love this series. I did go into this game with some reservations I was not keen on toting around some kid in an 'escort' mission style game play, however my opinion was changed during the course of the game. There was no giving this game any slack, I was expecting greatness not matter what and let me tell you it was delivered and them some.!

So it had been a while since I had picked up a controller and it showed, as usual God of War punished me for my lack of controller exercise and I found myself taking a lower difficulty. I was very thankful that this was offered because it allowed me to enjoy the game at my pace and at my level of skill.

This game is everything it promises to be, EPIC in every way and the team at Santa Monica Studios did their homework and then some on Norse Mythology. I am not familiar with Norse mythology, but was definitely schooled as I went along and only in a few places was I 'kinda' lost on who did what.

So let's get to combat, it's visceral and satisfying if you are a fan or if you just like violence. There are several strategies and options to fighting your foes, varied kills, gone is the quick time event buttons and I am thank full for it. I press one button and things either die or I bash them relentlessly, I like it.

Upgrades for Kratos and Atreus are bountiful and will have you making tough choices as what to upgrade first. Now, getting back to your son in combat, just like you he is a little wonky in combat at first and with some upgrades he slowly becomes very useful. I found my self several times using him to distract and kill annoying combatants and he's no slouch, he will actually attack on his own if you happen to forget he's there.

Fan's will have plenty to love and they will also have details that they will 'get' if they look close enough. It's not directly put in your face, but the fan service is there and at one point it was at such an enjoyable level I actually got goose bumps and my goodness the next five minutes was insanely satisfying. You'll see several familiar game ideas and mechanics and they are just as enjoyable now as they are in previous GOW installments.

I was not disappointed at any time during the game, story line and game play were just artfully done. If I had to complain (just a little) it would be that the story was too short and the last boss battle was just average. Don't get me wrong it was a good battle, I just was left wanting more from the game. Over way to quick and they kinda left it open for more?

Once you beat the game you can do some hunting for small mini-bosses which are challenging and rewarding and may even prompt a replay (guilty). Anyway, if you love God of War series you should already own this game and if not you could probably pick this up and play it, but you wouldn't have the rich history that the game refers to. It's impressive and amazing and why are you still here and not buying it?!

I give this game 5/5 stars.