Hey boys and girls! I hope that this issue finds all of you well, and before I get into the main topic of the month, I would like to share a little update about my heart. The good news is that my physician said I can go back to the gym.

So, Yay!

Now, unless you follow me on one of my social media pages (which is unlikely), I ended back up in the hospital because of the severity of the chest pain. While I was there, the cardiologist ran multiple cardiac test, and what they found was I have a leaky semilunar valve (which is explains as follows, each of a pair of valves in the heart, at the bases of the aorta and the pulmonary artery, consisting of three cusps or flaps that prevent the flow of blood back into the heart).

Because it's not functioning at 100%. The Doctor said that because of the negative reflection caused by the malfunction of the valve, it will show as an anterior wall MI (heart attack), but he said he was certain that I did not have one. Because of the back flow into the atrium and overfilling it is causing the chest pain.

The bad news is that at some point (in a year or twenty years) the valve will stop working, and I will have to have heart surgery to replace the said valve. So the cardiologist said, live life as normal because there's nothing that can be done at this point and scheduled an ultrasound in six months, to keep track of if the leaking is worsening at a fast pace or a slow one. So that's everything in a nutshell and we move forward with life.

The second thing that I want to speak on is that, sometimes, I really annoy myself. No really, I do! Especially when I do stupid stuff! Case in point, I purchased the domain www.davidkmontoya.com some time back. I took the time to develop it and make it what I felt a great marketing to to promote, well, me. So, over the last seven or eight months I thought the website was live, but come to find out that's not so.

It was suggested that I add a link to my website to my IMDb page, while inserting the link I realized that the site was never made live. Now, I know that most people really don't give a crap about me or my endeavors—there are a few (to say it nicely), that do care. And, for over a half of a year it has been sitting in the shadows.

Anywho... Go over there an check it out, because it's live now!

So the final topic that I want to talk about, it how deadly greed is to businesses and the old expression: If it is not broke, don't fix it!

The crazy thing is, I see this everywhere, from production companies, to hospitals. The level of greed is maddening in today's world! As I punch on the keyboard, I'm trying to find the perfect example and two come to me—one in the entertainment realm and the other not.

Let's start with the one not in business for entertainment. There is a guy (a doctor, actually), who started his own hospital, and for over twenty years it was considered a topnotch facility. Then, he moved from being a local business owner to Chairman of a corporation, and things started to change. He bought a failing hospital placing it under his new business umbrella—then, the weird stuff started happening. Instead of employing the methods of the Home based hospital, the Chairman did the reverse.

They moved home base to the new acquisition, and changed things to follow the guidelines of the failed hospital. I asked myself, "Why did he do this? " The answer is quite simple, to make more money. They spent millions of dollars to buy the floundered hospital, and now they need to make that monies back as well as the deficit from their new purchased facility.

Immediately, there were serious cutbacks, people losing their jobs and medical care declined at a frightening rate—all in the sake of making money. Over time, the loyal people that would go to said hospital dropped by (solely a calculated guess), say, twenty–five percent. But, because there was another hospital to cover that loss as an individual company not two separate hospitals the profit more than doubled, while the care plummeted.

Jump into the future know as today, they own a total of forty–five hospital all using the same guidelines—interesting enough, it hospital appears on the cusp of closure the corporate wheelhouse is flourishing. That's a record level of greed.

Another example of greed is a publishing company in New York. For more than fifty years, it was the number one company in that particular field, they had a solid formula for success. In the last, say, eight years they've really changed things up. They had a corner on the market in their genre, of mainstream, which is the biggest chunk of the pie! But when they were bought out and absorbed into a mass media conglomerate, they needed to make their money back and expanded out into sub–genres that were specifically for smaller companies to specialize in.

The problem, is that bring these sub–genres into a mainstream company, it lost a lot of loyalists. While they pander to these certain groups, they bring in new readers but lost old one at the same time. But, because the numbers are weighed much like the way the hospital looks at it, they do not see a loss, but rather a win.

Okay, let me try to explain. You have 1000 readers that buy your stuff every month of a certain genre, but you start publishing to a certain sub–genre and you bring in 100 new reader, but you lose say 90 old readers—as the head, they do not see the loss as a whole, but that the company went from 1000 books a month to 1010 books a month. So, the greed kicks in and they to another sub–genre, and much like what happened to before happened again. They had a total of 1010 readers (910 old and 100 new), but now because it's a bigger market, you bring in 720 new readers, but because the new sub–genre alienated a lot of it's mainstream readers say 700 of the old readers leave.

Again, the heads, look at the total numbers and see that they had a rise in readers by 20 people. So in total, they now have 1030 readers, so the numbers justify continuing to incorporate sub–genres into mainstream. But in actuality, they've lost 800 readers and are no longer marketable.

This is the If it is not broke, don't fix it, level of greed! Imagine, opening a seperate branch with a mixture of mainstream and the sub–genres, that do not effect the loyalists of the mainstream for the last fifty years. There would have not been a increase of 30, but rather a increase of 800!

All right, I've rambled way too much for this month! Thanks for sticking around, and we'll talk more next time!

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya
Founder of The World of Myth Magazine
And Other Stuff Too.