Just Another Day
By: Kevin Magnus

Another day older and closer to death,
Is what I say while I draw another breath.
So I am half way finished here,
More day already lived, I fear.

And so, despite such, Can you see my face, can you tell,
I wonder in the end, will it be Heaven or Hell.
Displeased with my progress in life thus far,
But that's my whole existence in a jar.
I am broke, hapless and alone,
With so many sins to atone.

When that fateful day finally comes, I wonder who will cry,
Or will there be a celebration when I finally die.
And yet, another happy birthday to me,
Depression my present continues to be.

Oh Lord, why must I always obsess over this,
Once I'm gone nothing matters, everything amiss!
I should be happy, why am I so down,
Because I am an old and foolish clown.
I always try to stay numb inside,
Never show emotions, only pride.

I will try to muster faith and over me to bespatter,
Only the days of now and tomorrow, really matter.
Until we come together again next year,
The Great Unknown I will continue to fear.


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