Interview with Nazly Sefer
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

Welcome to all lovers of gore and maiming. To those who seek to know artists on a more 'intimate' level, that is my goal.

Please welcome Nazly Sefer.

Myth Master: Projects?

Nazly: I have been in a short movie "Life in Stages" and feature horror movie "Slaughter of sumac ditch" played main characters in both.

Myth Master: Tell us a little about yourself.

Nazly: I was adopted as a child, my father was Math Teacher and my Mother is a housewife. I was the only child, so I had all the attention on me and my name actually means " spoiled delicate"

My first job was a manager at a Greek fast food restaurant. Then moved to waitressing, bartending, brand ambassador, Acting and Modeling.

My career started at Canadian Red Cross moved to all Toronto shelters worked with (homelessness, drugs addicts, sex addicts, youth counseling, and finally with immigration).

Myth Master: Any Hobbies?

Nazly: Painting is one of the few things that I didn't lose interest towards throughout my life. I have been drawing and painting since I was 4 and I still carry the same passion towards my brushes.

Myth Master: Adorable pets?

Nazly: I used to be a dog person, but since I adopted my cat I'm in love with cats.

Myth Master: What is your current profession/job and why is it important to you?

Nazly: Currently I am a counselor, working with immigrants and refugees individuals and families.

My job is a big part of my life because being a counselor reflects my personality. I take pleasure from helping others putting a smile on people's face. I have started working with refugees at Canadian Red Cross, then moved on to refugee shelters.

From there, worked with homeless shelters, addictions, LGBTQ shelters, women mental health shelters, then group homes.

Finally, I am with immigrants at the moment, which is great because I get to deal with everything at one place. I play a big role in my clients lives, it's amazing to know that you become unforgettable person in so many people's life everyday.

Myth Master: From being a model all the way to psychology, tell us of that journey?

Nazly: I Never had one job at the time since I was 18. I am currently modeling as well, however, I can't take gigs that frequently due to the weight of my work and school. And I believe being a great model requires lots of knowledge in psychology. It takes lots of talent and knowledge to change your mood in seconds to enter the mood the photographer's work requires you to be in.

Myth Master: What is your greatest ambition (Goal in life)?

Nazly: I would love to adopt as many children as I can, and help them grow and do the same for other children. If, I never get that rich, I will still adopt one in the future for sure.

Myth Master: Can you share a tragic back story with us?

Nazly: I cant think of one.

Myth Master: If you had to choose, how would you want to die?

Nazly: Home in my bed, preferably, holding hands with someone I love—so I can feel the peace.

Myth Master: Hmm. What is it with all this cute puppies, joining the force and dying in peace junk?

Myth Master: Death in bed, granted, however your loved ones get to hold you in pieces…ha ha ha HA HA HA

Let me get my chainsaw going here!!

Oh yes, there will be blood.

Rest in pieces Nazly!!


NO ONE. NOT one of you are safe. OH, and yes. I do requests, please leave me one in the comments, if you want to see your favorite The World of Myth Artist interviewed in my own special fashion.

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