Review of Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch
By: Xilera

When Nintendo has a hit, they have a hit! From Japan to the States, Splatoon took everyone by surprise! Beside the fan craze for the game, the genius at Nintendo did what they had done for instances like this for almost three decades. The powers-that-be took a genre game and turned into it's own franchise. While the first Splatoon was considered a success, it being released on the Wii U. Since it was a hit, the second time around they didn't have to do much, just follow the recipe from the original. But, the good people at Nintendo took Splatton 2 to a higher level of game play. It somehow manages to export the original game and sup up the under developed parts of the game and make it all the better!

In the first game, single player mode was perhaps the weakest point in the entire game, it was just a point A to Point B adventure. In the second edition of the game, we now find that single player mode, called, Hero Mode, is simply more dynamic, with more to do and also collect. Splatoon 2 has been developed into a far more interesting game play as you travel around a more diverse levels!

Don't worry I won't spoil the game's story line, but I will say that it follows two years after the first Splatoon, and if you've been the development on Social Media, you will most likely be up to date. For those (like me) who haven't, this game has Sunken Scrolls that are hidden in each level that will fill the blanks. Also, there are new items introduced in Slpatoon 2, like Sardinium that makes a power-up system a bit of a pain

Also, in the single-player story mode it preps you for an online adventures better and make the overall experience so much more enjoyable! After a certain point in each stage is centered around a weapon that Sheldon gets for you to test out, each level has challenges which shows you different variation, to use the weapon. Afterward, you can go and try a level over again with a different weapon, with the game keeping record of which levels you have completed with which weapon. Each level introduces a new element, that you can mix it with everything else you have learned, this is to keep the difficulty factor increasing as you move through out the game. Then, if you want you can cash in your eggs that you collected and Sardinum to power up weapon and keep ahead of the process.

In conclusion, place and doubts in your mind about Splatoon 2 away. With improved single-player experience, add in the enhanced and sheer volume of online play (that is for all skill levels), and let's not forget Salmon Run equals a large amount of fun that makes Splatoon 2 one of the best games you can find to play on the Nintendo Switch! For this game, I think I will award it four and a half stars , for hours upon hours of squishy game play!