Persephone's Heart
By: Stephanie Bardy

She pauses at the door, hand on the latch.
It is time.
She has made this trip before.
But still, she pauses, hand on the latch.

The smallest of tugs, deep in her chest.
Turns her back towards the inside.
Where he sits.
Brooding into his drink.
Shadowed by the flicker of the fire.

His rugged appearance is softened in the muted light.
As he stoically refuses to look to her.
Brutal hands, that hold a world of souls,
Have been gentle upon her face.

A voice that could bring down all the mountains in the world.
Has whispered softly in her ear.
Laughed with her.
Loved with her.

She fingers the small locket at her throat.
Running her fingers over the smooth surface.
Gently shaking the 6 pieces of her fate that lay inside.
And she smiles.

On silent feet, she steals towards him.
She knows he feels her near.
The faintest of touch, just a whisper.
She kisses his cheek.

His muscles twitch and she knows.
He smiled.
She has grown to love this man.
Her captor.

Again, she heads for the door.
Her heart light with anticipation of her visit.
For this is her home now.
Here she will return.


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