Interview with Mike Lutz
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

I suppose you are here yet again to watch me torture another victim with relentless questions and offer them the promise of a painful death?

Wow, you guys are sick and twisted bastards!

And I LOVE you for it.

Let's get to it.

Mike Lutz is one of our own here at The World of Myth so he will totally get special treatment and mercy.


Myth Master: Favorite part about being managing editor?

Mike Lutz: Easy, getting to read a wide variety of stories from undiscovered creators, every month I look forward to seeing what lands in my inbox.

Myth Master: Managing editor stress-full?

Mike Lutz: No, not at all, I look forward to interacting with our creatives and reading their art. If I could do this for a living I would be a happy fella.

Myth Master: So I hear you wrestle, any signature wrestling moves?

Mike Lutz: I had several that I use, they were the Sharkey Suplex, an inverted figure 4 leg lock, i have a sweet belly-to-belly suplex, and I like the Abdullah Elbow drops.

Myth Master: You recently stepped back into the ring, tell us about that experience.

Mike Lutz: Stepping back into the ring was kind of nerve wracking, the last match I had I suffered a cracked rib and/or sternum, the butterflies were alive and kicking in my stomach.

Myth Master: What do do you have to get 'into' character?

Mike Lutz: I don't have much of a character per se, I just crank myself up to a 9 or 10 and just have at it.

Myth Master: Is that method different when you go to write?

Mike Lutz: My writing is very different, I'm an instinctive writer or maybe an impulsive writer is a better term, most time my ideas hit me when I'm sleeping and I have to wake up and start writing, whereas with wrestling it's a very conscious process, not a lot of improvisation, happens in the ring.

Myth Master: Thoughts on beard oil?

Mike Lutz: Generally I avoid beard oils, I am no dandy fop. Wild and free the beard must be.

Myth Master: favorite genre to read?

Mike Lutz: That's like asking which is my favorite whiskey, currently I am addicted to Joe Abercrombie's works which are high fantasy so I will do with that.

Myth Master: Advice for aspiring podcasters?

Mike Lutz: Always have good sound quality, spend a couple bucks on a decent mic and a mixing board and you will be ahead of the game, multiple people phoning in to a show just takes me right out of it as well. Most of all, be passionate about your subject.

Myth Master: What do you feel you can continue to contribute to TWOM that will help us grow?

Mike Lutz: I feel I can come up with new twists on ideas that the magazine might be able to put in to effect as we grow, I talk with Dave almost every day and we discuss different angles of presenting the product to the consumers. I also fill in as a writer when we are missing a story for a slot so that helps me and the magazine in the long run.

Myth Master: Darkest moment?

Mike Lutz: There was a time I was a little out of control with party drugs, it took my wife telling me I was about to lose her and the kids if I didn't quit and straighten up. I took that warning to heart.

Myth Master: So how long has your family owned the house you currently live in?

Mike Lutz: So how long has your family owned the house you currently live in? My folks bought the house when I was 7 or 8, they lived here until I bought it from them when I was 25, I'm now 47 so 40 years is a safe bet.

Myth Master: Any ghosts?

Mike Lutz: Before the house was built the land it was on used to be an army base, there's some weirdness that happens every once in a while but no ghosts per se. Though there has been a few times things have made me wonder.

Myth Master: Do you feel mass media has dulled creative senses?

Mike Lutz: I do in a sense, humans are naturally curious creatures, so when we are given a device that has access to the entire accumulation of human intelligence and creativity at our finger tips we will abuse the shit out of it, to the detriment of our own creative thoughts. I struggle every day between falling down Wikipedia rabbit holes and writing stories or poems or editing a magazine, I know my own creativity has suffered a serious beating at the hands of my iPhone, but I am fighting back against that to regain what has atrophied.

Myth Master: Preferred death?

Mike Lutz: Hmm, the Grim Reaper will have to surprise me, the prospect of dying doesn't scare me, we all have a 100% chance of not making it outta here alive. If I had my choice I'd want to go out fist fighting a grizzly bear.

Myth Master: Grim Reaper? I call him Ted and we go way back.

As for a grizzly bear fight. Hmm. I think I'll allow that.


- Hit it Mr. Ring Announcer-

“Ladies and Gentlemen!

Let me direct your attention to the squared circle, we've spared no expense for our main event!"

In this corner, hailing from Chatham, Ontario, Canada, standing at 5'11" tall and weighing in at 315 lbs. He is the current TWoM Managing editor and also wrassler, Iron Mike Lutz!

AND his opponent…

A Kodiak Grizzly Bear, this particular specimen weighs in at 1,500 lbs and is a whopping 9'8" tall.

He looks quite angry. This should be good!


Oooh it looks like the grizzly is already trying to rip Mike's arm off..

Wait, what's this from the top rope with a flying elbow!

It's Mike's tag team partner Shooter Shawn Brown!!

Myth Master: Oh my! Now they are doing a double clothesline on my precious little bear!


I am pissed.

I suppose if you're going to have help, Mike, then so should the bear.

Hit it Mr. Announcer…

And NOW it's time for the surprise main challenger…

Here comes the Kodiak bear's team mate, the master of disaster, the dean of mean and our own torturer supreme!!

He hails from parts unknown and his stats are also a mystery due to most people dying upon meeting him.




And here we go!

It looks like the Myth Master is wasting no time opening a huge can of whoop ass on his opponents as he charges them and clotheslines them both at the same time, it also looks like now he's casting a spell on the bear!

Oh my gosh! That Kodiak bear is now highly intelligent and man is he furious! He has climbed up to the top rope and slams down on Shawn Brown! I think I heard something break!!

What revenge!

It looks like Mike is trying to use his special move the Sharkey Suplex, but oh my! Myth Master has countered with his own surprise move! He's got him by the head and its looks as if he's trying to crush his skull with his bare hands!!

Our friend the Kodiak bear has completely mauled the crap out of Shawn Brown with his claws and has set his sights on Mike. Myth Master isn't known for sharing kills, but looks to be making an exception in this case!

He's taken one of his hands off Mike's bleeding head and lifted up his legs. Oh my goodness, he's presenting him to the bear!

Kodiak lines up and bounces off the ropes! He's going full speed at Mike with his mouth wide open and oh my God, HE CHOMPED him clean in HALF!!

What an amazing finish!!

Ring Announcer:

And your winner by mauling, dismemberment and chomping!!!

Kodiak bear and MYTH MASTER!!!

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