Curse of the Gingerbread Man
By: David K. Montoya

One by one the Baker placed the metal cutter into the dough to form his army of Gingerbread men. With a perfected technique he placed each one down onto a cold and large baking sheet. Upon contact, their candy eyes twitch and they gasp for air, in that moment, the gingerbread men become alive.

They watched in silence as the Baker continued to produce their brother's of the yeast. It was a time of confusion as well a time of unity, for they did not know what their purpose, their mission in life will be, but they knew soon enough that all their questions would be answered.

The Baker used his powdered sleeve and removed the sweat from his for head, and said, "It is time for the final stage of your creation my children."

The Baker looked down at his legion and smiled, as if he knew they were living creatures. But, none uttered a word, out of fear or respect the Gingerbread men held their tongues, and silently awaited their fate.

Each metal cooking sheet was placed into a large modern furnace. Quickly the doughy creations were consumed with heat and with the closure of the door it became dark, it was reminiscent of what people believed to be equivalent of being in Hell. But, they were a strong and prideful group of creatures, while the heat was overwhelming their crust formed and they felt more alive.

Well, all but one…

The unnamed creature wept loudly for several moments until he shared his thoughts with his brothers: "I… I don't understand. We were created to only be tortured? Were we created to only be turned around and killed? There was so much I wanted to do! Meet a beautiful Gingerbread Girl, and frolic on a beach!"

He is interrupted by a loud sigh from the Gingerbread Man next to him.

"You may be all right with a short life span, but me, my friend, I think not! I want to do things! Drive a car, raise a family listen to people freak out about popular culture on a portable device that connects us as a species."

Again, he was interrupted by another heavy sigh, but this time on the opposite side of him.

"Yeah, I get you. It's getting really hot in here. Is it me, or does it seem that it's becoming really hard to move? In fact, is it hard for all of you to move your mouth as well? I think this is it! Brothers! We must make our attempt to be free!"

The single gingerbread man struggled and flopped around like a fish out of water, but with no hands or feet he was unable to escape the glowing hot metal baking sheet.

"Brothers! If you help me and we work together as a unit, I am certain we can escape this hellish prison! Please! Help me! For end the end they may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!"

Then it happened. He was the creature that lied next to him begin to twitch and move until their eyes met. The Gingerbread man saw the passion in his brother's eyes, in that moment he knew everything would be all right.

In bated breath, the other Gingerbread Man said, "Aaaahhha! A talking cookie!"



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