Hey gang! First, let me start off with an apology. A sincere apology at that! We are well aware that this issue is a bit late, and I take responsibility for that as the main reason for the delay is a direct result from yours truly.

With medical stuff bogging me a bit, which by the way the ticker is doing better with less chest pain this month, so hopefully the cardiologist will clear me to go back to the gym (I'm actually a fitness buff) I actually really miss it. Also to my surprise a bit of personal life stuff as well, the main reason this issue is late is because Dark Myth is slowly being to grow once again. There are several deals that are in the pot brewing as we speak, things that will take us in a completely new direction, a venture I never dared to attempt before, until now.

It has been a while working as the boss of a company, but it fits into my life like the last piece to a puzzle. While not everything has worked out the way I wanted it, it continues to be a fun and educational journey. There is so much that I'd like to tell you, but a wise man once told me, "Don't show your hand up front."

There's one thing in particular that I really, really want to talk about, but alas, I cannot—but know that has taken up most of my time this month and will hopefully be able to talk about in the following issues.

For the most part, everything is to make this company a better brand—while I will admit that there are a few things for my own personal pleasure/gain—the majority is business. We are bring back some forgotten divisions that we've carried the rights to for a long time—this will be our third and final effort in reviving this division since we purchased it in 2001 (hopefully third times the charm here).

We're also in talks with authors new and old a like, to begin producing new books, as well as re-obtain the rights to bring back old favorites. How many of you out there would like to see The Green House Murders or Blood Lust Romance offered in pocket book form, fast and fun reads from your favorite The World of Myth author of the past.

We're launching what started this entire thing in the first place, our comic book division once again, with a massive graphic novel called "Darker Myth," where inside you will find six or seven issue ones and at the end of the book asked to go vote for your favorite. The comic book with the most votes at the end will be elected to go into full serial production! We're trying to bring back former Editor in Chief (I'm talking to you Mario) to pick up where he left off and move forward with the vision we had all those years ago, before the economy when to Hell.

As you can see, I have been a wee bit busy this month and I really don't foresee it letting up anytime soon, kids. In fact, our Enforcer, Mike Lutz is going to run the show next month as I will be away working on something huge! Man, I really want to tell all of you about this, but not yet, but hopefully soon (see kids, it's all right to failure, as long as you learn from them and I know that does not make since at the moment, but it will eventually). In concerns with my responsibilities as a contributor, I'll whip up my normal submissions, and send it in early for all two of you that read my stuff.

Okay, to the second thing. So this month, I got to meet my writing inspiration at Comic Con Revolution down in Ontario, California. I posted this picture on my social media page, it read: I felt like I was thirteen again. While many writers would say, Poe, Lovecraft or King was their inspiration—mine is this gentleman, Chris Claremont, is the person I modeled my writings after. It was a great experience and he took me to writing school for twenty minutes!

I know it's a chance to go out and meet your heroes, but take that chance it might pay off. I would not be the person I am, creative or not without finding Chris Claremont's writings. In fact, I told him, "Thank you for being who you are, as it inspired me to be who I am." I know it's a bit sappy, but it was heartfelt and sincere.

In return (despite the long line behind me), Mr. Claremont taught me different approaches to writing which I employed in this issue with a flash piece called, The Curse of the Gingerbread Men. Just being to withdraw some of his knowledge on writing, plot-building and characterization fueled my creative battery up once again. It will be something that I will treasure always!

So that's it for me gang, I hope you find inspiration in my ramblings and go out and create something awesome! That's it for me this month, and I hope you dig what you find in this issue because tons of people put a lot of hard work into this magazine, just for you!

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya
Founder of The World of Myth Magazine
And Other Stuff Too.