Review of Longhorn Steakhouse
By: Kaitlin Baki

Art (as I'm sure you're aware) is completely subjective. My first two pieces focused on what someone might refer to as "conventional art." The gun totem pole and Longhorn Steakhouse. Put your seat belts on because we are about to shift into a completely different dimension.

I recently sat across the table from my beautiful fiance at a Longhorn Steakhouse establishment on a stressful Thursday evening and when my order arrived and I took my first bite I breathed a happy, heavy sigh of relief and savored all the flavors in my mouth. When I swallowed and took a swig of my beer (which perhaps I will have to write about on another date) I stated simply "This is art. I wish I could write my next piece on this. Wait a minute. Why can't I?" That is when I become geeky and excited, realizing that there really is no limits and the world of writing is my proverbial oyster (or for the sake of this one we'll say steak).

The bacon bourbon topped filet was the very first steak item I saw on their "specials" part of the menu and also the most appealing, who doesn't love all of the things in that description? Normally I would look at the best bang for my buck, as I am notoriously cheap, in most cases even if someone else is picking up the bill. However we were both stressed out, and my fiance also happened to have a gift card so we kind of decided to treat ourselves and go all out.

Even thinking back to my experience of ordering, waiting for and finally eating this steak has me salivating at the mouth. I order mine medium so the center is pink and everything is nice and juicy but it's not at the point where I feel like I'm chomping on a live cow. Everyone knows that bacon goes on pretty much anything and automatically makes whatever you're eating 100 times better, especially if it's already a meat product to begin with. So the flavorful flakes of pig (sorry to sound graphic to any non meat eaters out there) added onto what I already believe to be the greatest meal of all time was basically like eating a birthday cake with spoonfuls of pie on top. The added bourbon sauce it was drizzled in was just the icing on the already perfect cake. I'm a HUGE fan of integrating alcohol into meals. It's not enough to just eat and drink what you want on their own, oh no. This is America! You must eat what you want, with what you also want to drink on top of that, while also drinking what you want!

I'm someone who is perpetually dieting but always perpetually struggling with making the right, healthy choices at the same time. I've never been diagnosed with any sort of eating disorder so it's hard to say if I've ever used food as a coping mechanism at any point in my life. I've also never been pregnant and dealt with cravings on that sort of level. Although.

Have you ever just taken a bite of something you have really been so looking forward to eating and felt all of your problems just completely melt away? Have you ever wondered if heaven was something you could experience via your taste buds? Have you ever contemplated what your final meal would be if you were about to be executed on death row? If you answered no to any of these questions then you need to try the bacon bourbon topped filet at the Longhorn Steakhouse. Hell even if you answered yes to any or all of those questions you should still try it. I swear to God I don't work for them, this is not an advertisement, just one very happy and passionate customer sharing her love of this meal because it really made me forgot everything I needed to forget, and focus on everything important in life. Steak is art.