Review of Kirby Star Allies for the Nintendo Switch
By: Xilera

This month we take a look at a new release for the Nintendo Switch, titled Kirby Star Allies which is a fantastic 35th chapter in the Kirby franchise. In a quick response is Kirby Star Allies have beautiful visuals, an equally beautiful soundtrack which was composed, and the game play is loaded with fun for the player!

First, I feel that it is necessary to address, the cons that people are having with this new installment of Kirby, which I myself did not have nor will anyone who has finished the game completely from beginning to end. The rumble online is that the game is just too easy and short, now I will say that I did finish the game in under twelve hours, but when I beat the last boss I did not feel underwhelmed and come on, with Kirby, King Dedede and Meta Knight on the Warp Star waving good–bye before the credits rolled was awesome!

As someone who has played (I believe) all 35 games that has stared Kirby, and one thing that they have in common is that they are all fairly simple to play, to follow along with and to beat, adding just enough difficulties to make the accomplishment worthwhile. The reason this is done is simply to cater to younger players (as Nintendo has a reputation as the system for the youngins). It is worth to be noted that while in this mode, there are a lot of DLCs to unlock which will get increasingly difficult to find as the game play moves along.

The second time I played it, which was day two, I decided to go back and locate and collect every single rare item and Switch, this time though, it added a good six or seven hours to the game play which killed almost an entire Saturday and that is a decent amount of time for story–mode for any game! Something else that is worth noting is that after you complete the main story, two new modes are unlocked, each one is notably more difficult than the previous main story mode.

The first new mode is where you run through the game with more difficult bosses and half HP as before, while playing as Kirby's helpers. The other new mode, is a boss rush mode with a variety of difficulties to choose from, when you fight every boss in the game along with limited HP and recovery! Then, after you finish both, the hardest of the boss rush is unlocked; this is called, "Soul Melter," difficulty. Here you are given fewer recovery options and roughly a quarter of the HP that you originally had in the main story–mode, even as a hardcore gamer, this last mode was quite challenging! For example of it's difficulty, I never died during the game play from either day one or two, that was until I bit it in this mode, which I proceeded to Game Over twice on the final boss.

I believe what is the best about this game is the ability to mix things up, which is really intuitive and even more so fun to use! When combining various things with, say, pre–existing abilities, for example a sword or hammer, it will unlock further sense of depth which could be argued by some, as something lacking in these games over the last decade. Something that I found delightful was that every helper in the game (which is quite a few of them), each have their own specific set of moves to help you on you adventure.

With Kirby remaining to be one of Nintendo's most utilized properties it is apparent that they set out to do things right and have each story–mode somehow linking everything together in a massive saga. I give Kirby Star Allies a solid four stars and say, if you have a Switch and are thinking about picking up this game for yourself, you will not be disappointed!