By: Kevin Adams

How do I repair what's been broken a thousand times and more?
'One piece at a time' God said, but first you must close old doors.

Great love comes from those that have lost the most in life,
warmest hugs from those that know the cost of strife.

Gentle voices from those that have been hurt till they cower,
quiet people carefully choosing words for they know their power.

Love is not merely words, but more a promise for sure,
actions of self sacrifice and giving, in hopes to cure.

I cannot go back to what I once was, that man is dead,
howling demons in my sleep and voices in my head.

It will take the faith of one stronger than my sin debt,
to believe there is still a good man in there yet.

Sometimes, I allow my heart to dream, and for it to soar,
it wants to marry a lover that will last forever and more.

I'm trying to heal, trying to live,
trying to love, trying to give.

There are my very good days, mixed with my very bad,
and yes, sometimes even I think there still is a good man to be had.


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