By: Jezzy Wolfe

Our hearts funnel through our hands like shifting sands
That cascade past pointless fingers and scatter into dust at our feet.

We watch them pillow outwards: then disappear into thick air,
And they tell us it's all right, but we know they're wrong.

Because every sign is pointing to immanent destruction and certain peril,
Every flask offered is brim full of desecrated poisons and malcontent.

We throw their offerings back into their sneering faces, because you and I
Have a rendezvous with a destined catastrophe that we both await eagerly.

We'll run through the midnight black dreamscape and let our laughter
Ripple the currents behind us like lush velvet cloaks in the wind. To hell with them...

And they tell us that we're wrong, but we hope it will be all right.

Someday, it will be.


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