Interview with David K. Montoya
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

Myth Master: Alright, you know the deal Dave.

David K. Montoya:Hello Darkness, my ole friend, I've come to talk with you again.

Myth Master: So be it.

No Mercy! Especially for you.

First, for the fans, here's some details.

Dave is a middle aged, father of three (1 boy and 2 girls), Although, he's known for his creative works around here, (if you're new here click the link David K. Montoya) he specializes in “Math & Science” with an emphasis in cardiac arrhythmia. He's worked in the medical field since 1996, and has seen some things that he'll never forget!

Myth Master: Will you kindly share something disturbing about your job?

David K. Montoya:My job in a hospital has opened the door for me to see somethings that has been burned into my long term memory forever. I've seem some funny things, like a man who had to come in and have the handle of a mag light stuck in his rectum removed. Then some haunting stuff, like, when I was called down into the ER to assist in CPR, he was a large man (maybe around 350–400 pounds) and he had been shot in the chest. Every time I did a compression blood would literally fountain up and out of the gunshot wound. It was a very bloody situation that did not turn out very for the man. Sadly, I could go on, a father and mother got high and forgot about their 2–year–old child who ran off with one of the parent's beer drank it and passed out in a wading pool. I had to do CPR when they brought him in, it was so emotional. After we coded him for over two hours, I went into the closest bathroom and balled for sometime—my heart ached. I remember that I had to hold back Mario Martinez from beating the crap out of the father, who was still so stoned he had no clue what was going on.

Myth Master: You've lost your wife, how do you feel that affects your writing?

David K. Montoya:I lost the love of my life in October, 2015, and my soul has been pretty empty ever since, and I feel pretty dead inside without her. For a long time after she passed, I did not create anything—I shutdown for three months. I have no recollection of that time. It would take time for me to even pull myself out of bed.

Myth Master: What prompted the re–launch?

David K. Montoya:Remember when I said I feel dead inside, a moment ago? Well, because of that, it has lead me back into writing. I realized that when you write a story, you have to feel in order to tell a story. So, I started writing a lot again, just to be able to feel again, I know it sounds sappy, but it's the truth. Which leads me to my decision to bring back the magazine.

Myth Master: How did you deal with the death of your wife. What was the turning point.

David K. Montoya:After I drove to Utah to identify my wife, a lot after that is blank. I do remember getting her ashes, but I don't recall the drive up there or back. From what I was told, I lied on the floor in the my mother–in–law's guest room for almost a week. I do remember my son, walking up to me and saying it's time to go home dad. I don't remember driving back to California, or even the holidays like, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or even New Years. I just lied in bed and watched TV for that time. It was shortly after the 2016 new year, my sister had been watching the kids (we all lived together at the time) and asked if I could watch the baby at night, so they can sleep (I actually don't remember that part). I guess, it was during that time, I started to heal, my first memory in 2016 was in bed and Lily (who was like 3 months old) a sleep on my chest. That was the turning point, when I asked "What the hell was I doing?" I realized that my kids needed me more than ever, that was the turning point. I also, realized I gained a LOT of weight, I was actually 360 pounds, although I say it was 325 because I was really embarrassed about the weight gain, which lead me to the gym.

Myth Master: So what do you feel will be different this time?

David K. Montoya:This is the next generation of The Myth, with each change of the guards there is always something different. The style, the presentation, the contributors and the work itself. You and I have had the pleasure of seeing this first hand, Myth Master, as we are from the first generation (issues 1–31) to see the evolution of this magazine. I also see this run to be more playful, and less business oriented… There's no real concern about numbers or circulation, we just want it to be fun for everyone involved.

Myth Master: Do you feel that TWOM social media avenues attract more folks as well?

David K. Montoya:Sure! Social media creates a sense of intimacy, a personal connection between the contributors and the readers. While, many (for whatever reason that I've yet to figure out) don't respond to your comments on our social media page, they are looking at your words of wisdom.

Myth Master: What inspires you most?

David K. Montoya:I'm not really sure if there is one specific thing that inspires me. A good conversation, a good book a good movie and people in general mixed with the forever old question of “What if…?” makes a creative spark. Most of my stories come from some sort of input and me going, I wonder what would happen if XYZ would happen?

Inspiration comes from weird places, that for example, I was sitting in Philosophy Class and the Professor was talking about how anything can be turned into an a cult given the proper motivation. He then looked down and said that a person could make a religion about a cup and the magic contents inside. I said, the Cult of the Magic Cup, I'm writing that one and did so.

Inspiration comes from anywhere. In fact, the story I'm currently working on and might actually be ready by the time this interview goes up, is inspired by the novel written by Harry Harrison called Make Room! Make Room!

Myth Master: Mentors?

David K. Montoya:I started in comics and did that up until 2003, when I met (who would become my mentor) Terry D. Scheerer. He took me under his wing, and taught me the art of writing short–stories, and in return the following year—September 6, 2004—I started The World of Myth Magazine which was dedicated to short–stories.

Myth Master: Achievements?

David K. Montoya:I decided to go back to get a degree in Nursing last year, which has not been fun! I am a advocate for research and education on Autism, stemming from my son Jayden being autistic. I've gotten into fitness, and swear by Keto, with daily exercise and a Keto diet I have lost 125 pounds since February of 2016.

Myth Master: You've had lots of experience with podcasts, websites and even movies, yet it seems that success somewhat eludes you on a grander scale, what gives?

David K. Montoya:Shit, man, I had to really give this some serious thought. I think it is because I put the welfare of my family first, and will not sacrifice them for my success. I see that true today, in fact. I could totally suffer for my art, but make my family do it with me. That, or like the old saying goes: Nice guys finish last. And unfortunately, I'm a nice guy. That or I just suck.

Myth Master: Myth Con?

David K. Montoya:You mean JayZoMonCon? Remember JayZoMon owns Dark Myth and can tap into some Hollywood connections from that brand. Yeah, it's being kicked around as an idea. LOL!

Myth Master: Preferred method of death?

David K. Montoya:Being a 900 years old teacher of the Jedis and after my final student returns to finish training, I'm too tired and old to do continue and become one with the force. Well, you asked…

Myth Master: No Dave.

I won't grant that.

I have crafted one of the most gruesome and hellish tortures I could find. Just for you.

++Warning++ Graphic nasty death about to be described.

I've chosen a long drawn out torture originally developed by the Persians around 500 BC for only the most severe of crimes, it's name is scaphism or ‘the boats'. You will be stripped of clothing, doused in milk and honey, you'll be strapped inside of a boat leaving your arms and legs to dangle, I of course will put a funnel in your mouth and force feed you some of the milk and honey as well.

Oh yes. There's moooooore.

This will induce massive diarrhea within your little boat that should get the attention of lots of little crawling bugs and maggots. You'll be set out to sail on a stagnant pond, exposed to the sun, also having the thrilling feeling of things breeding on you and within you. I suppose if you live long enough you will get gangrene in some extremities if you don't die from sepsis first.

Don't worry I'll check on you for the next few days, making sure you have plenty of milk and honey poured on you and into you by funnel, just to keep things exciting. One report has a victim surviving 17 days, let's see if you can break that record.

*Maniacal Laughter *

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