Till death do us part
By: Kevin Adams

Disclaimer:Please be advised before reading further that this story has been suggested to have an 'R' rating due to adult situations described within.

It was the picture perfect wedding scene; late spring, perfect temperature, lovely green trees and fresh flowers filling the air with an intoxicatingly soothing aroma. Jenny was excited that she had finally persuaded Ted to marry her. Of course it had taken all of three weeks and several 'private' meetings in his high–rise office.

As the wedding march song began to play she smirked as she thought to herself, 'I finally got that sucker to commit. All it took was one of my famous upside–down blow jobs and the promise of wild sex on our honeymoon'. One of her bridesmaids signalled her to begin her walk down the lush green path that led to a small outdoor amphitheater. She saw Ted with that goofy smile he always wore, she pretended to adore it as to further mislead him.

Known only to Jenny, was the fact that she was a stone cold killer, a black widow of men. She would find a rich lonely man and woo him until he submitted and then she would move in for the kill on the honeymoon, just before consummating the marriage. This of course all followed an artfully crafted prenuptial agreement that left a substantial sum of money to her, in case of an untimely and 'accidental' death.

Of all her suitors Ted seemed, by far, the most handsome and of course the fact that he was filthy stinking rich really helped matters for her. Had she not been the cruel beast she was, she might have actually grown to tolerate him in a stale marriage of convenience for a couple of years.

They stood before the minister and said loving vows; none of which meant anything to her of course. It finally came down to the 'I do's' and then the kiss, which under normal circumstances would have been warm and passionate. Yet, his lips were surprisingly cold and as they embraced she felt a swift tingle shoot down her spine and a strange sensation also swept through her body. Her eyes went wide, she had never felt so alive or so aroused by Ted's embrace like this before.

It was only hours after the ceremony that Jenny found herself sizing up other potential victims out of pure habit, she snickered slightly to herself. All these men were no more than lowly creatures that were already suffering from a meaningless existence, cattle for her to slaughter. She had even taken the time to grope the best man inside the closet during the post–reception, just in case she needed a quick replacement once Ted was gone.

Ted would continue to remain oblivious and that was the way she liked it and she had no intentions of telling him, at least until she was in the act of killing him. As a smile spread across her face she opened a wedding gift from one of the guests; it was a honeymoon trip for two to the Bahamas.

'Nice' she thought to herself 'It will be the perfect place to have an accident.'

Two days later they were boarding the plane and she had been extremely loving to Ted so as to keep him 'obedient' until she had what she wanted, she had even already made plans for the majority of his money.

While they walked down the aisle of the plane she walked behind Ted as to keep up the facade of the loyal new wife. She watched as he brushed past some of the other folks with authority and presence, he had almost knocked a few of them down as he strode down the aisle.

Her head cocked in curiosity as she watched him, it seemed Ted had changed his demeanor some since the wedding had occurred. He had become more confident, commanding and almost aggressive. Had she missed something perhaps?

Ted got to the seat, found where he and his new bride were to be seated, except it seemed that there was an elderly woman who had either lost her way or been seated there by accident. He firmly gripped the old woman's shoulder and calmly, yet firmly spoke.

'I believe you are in the wrong place madam.' ,her discomfort was obvious as she replied in a shakily tender low voice 'You're hurting me young man, please let go and I will move.'

He smiled very widely and let go. His eyes steadily watched her as she got up slowly and moved along, he then turned his gaze to Jenny and gently showed her to her seat. She was almost impressed at this chivalry and brutality, her new husbands recent demeanor was very much turning her on.

As the plane landed he firmly grasped her hand and led her quickly off the plane and that's when it hit her. This was a man obsessed with getting laid in this tropical paradise as soon as possible and as soon as she had realized it she had to stifle her laughter.

Jenny was on her way down to get off the ramp when a few paramedics rushed by her and Ted. She was momentarily caught of guard, but he urged her forward and had almost forgotten that she was the one in charge of the sex due to Ted's recently assertive behaviour.

Several minutes later they moved towards baggage claim and they had gathered their belongings she briefly looked up only long enough to see those same paramedics now escorting a gurney with a black bag laying on it.

Jenny knew what this meant, someone had died on her flight and it almost concerned her, however instead she smiled as she envisioned Ted being wheeled out on a similar gurney. As the gurney began moving a small frail elderly hand dropped down to the side and a paramedic scooped it up before it caused a disturbance.

All she could do was stand there with her mouth gaped open for a moment until Ted brought her back to reality with his deep blue eyes that were now filled with what looked like lustful desire.

She wanted to know what Ted would think, so she spoke softly 'I think that is the little old lady from our flight'. He quickly glanced over to the fleeting scene and then back to Jenny and in a smooth and cold voice 'That old bitch had it coming.'

Jenny blushed at the response, she was embarrassed at the fact that Ted's callous reaction had made her 'wet' with excitement. This was a side to her lover she could very much get used to and it was such a shame he might die mere hours from now.

Ted stood at the rental car counter and handled the financial dealings with the attendant and as he was about to walk away a large, angry and burly man stepped up to the counter right beside him and demanded a car at once. He easily pushed Ted aside and would have knocked him to the ground, but Ted was able to catch himself. Jenny watched with excitement 'Oh my God, if he gets violent here I may not actually make him wait for that sex he wants.'

Yet, all Ted did was put his hand on the man's shoulder and with his other hand held out the keys to the rental he was just given, immediately the larger man calmed down and slowly grabbed the keys from him.

'My name is Albert and that was my mum that died on the plane.' Ted simply said, 'I understand, and I'm sure you're in a lot of pain.' Albert was in tears 'I just need to get home to make the arrangements'. Ted smiled and gave him a full on hug.

Jenny had to choke back the vomit in her throat.

Her nose was shriveled in disgust, this was supposed to be a big damn bloody brawl and not an act of kindness! Ted walked over to her wearing that damn grin of his again. His voice was not anywhere near commanding as it was moments ago coming off the plane. He put his hands on her shoulders 'Come now my love, this is our honeymoon we should have a limo anyway'. In her head she was saying, 'That's more like it, you gentle little bitch!'

While the back of the limo was elegant it wasn't long before the divider was put up and blocked out anything the drive might see or hear. Ted started to make the first move when Jenny abruptly stopped him as she thought to herself 'I want to drag this out till we get to the hotel and then I can make my move'. Ted seemed pissed, but Jenny had to only give him a glance, placed her hand on his crotch, rubbing slowly and gently. She bit her lip as to look as if she anticipated him 'Soon' she whispered as she leaned up to block his advances.

Suddenly, they noticed the limo driver had pulled over to the side of the road to allow an ambulance to pass them. As the car started again, Ted curiously checked his watch and muttered something about the driver's timing being poor. Two miles up the road traffic had slowed due to an accident, Ted insisted the driver find another route to the hotel quickly.

Finally reaching the hotel they got checked in and asked to have the luggage unloaded and brought up to the room within the hour. As the bride and groom rounded the corner and towards the elevator they noticed a gray–haired drunkard in the only elevator available. They loaded themselves toward the front of the elevator car and pressed the button, hoping for the best and of course a quick ride up. Jenny noticed the strong scent of alcohol and also the sound of shuffling.

She tried to ignore the drunkards noises of gurgling and snorting as he moved about the back of the elevator car. Closing her eyes she tried to imagine what she could spend all Ted's money on, her concentration broke when her ass was groped and it was not Ted. Jenny swirled around, backhanded him with her left hand so forcefully it made a 'pop' sound and the man fell to his knees.

Unexpectedly, the door opened, the drunkard quickly got up, brushed passed her and Ted's shoulders before any further disturbance could occur. Ted did seemed pissed and was about to pursue him, but Jenny pulled him back into the elevator as the door closed.

She rubbed her hand as the elevator continued up saying. 'I think I might have broken his jaw'. They both laughed the situation off as they finally came to their floor. Ted led the way, room key in hand. This man was ready to get his freak on.

Ted hurriedly scooped Jenny up and carried her across the threshold of the suite, it was relaxing and breathtaking in scope, he had spared no expense. Jenny insisted that he go take a shower, just as a show of her dominance. Once he complied she started to try and formulate a plan for a quick place to 'end' her new husband while he was busy cleaning up.

Her glance was caught by the large white balcony that attached to the room, her smile widened as she slowly walked out onto it. Jennie put her sunglasses on as the sun was out in full and easily illuminating the luscious paradise she was in. This is where she would do the deed, she would lure him out onto the edge no matter what it took. She decided to slip into something that showed more skin and she already knew that she wouldn't need the matching panties.

As she turned to go back into the hotel she was immediately confronted with the visage of the drunken man again. Crusted blood around his lips cracked as he grinned at her, she tried to scream, but even in his drunken state he was too quick for her. It was then Jenny realized that the front door had been left wide open as Ted seemed to only have one thing on his mind.

He pushed her to the edge and began to feel her up with his grubby, sweaty hands. His fetid breathe reeked of alcohol and what also smelled like feces. Jenny was not going to let this slob 'have' her. They continued to struggle, his hands began ripping her clothing as they scuffled about.

She saw one of her high heels laying on the ground out of the corner of her eye, she quickly slipped down the edge of the balcony and reached for it. Her assailant quickly grabbed her by the ankle. Jenny frantically reached for it as she was about to be dragged back to the drunk.

Jenny lunged forward and jammed the sharp heel into his eye socket, he let go of her and reeled back in pain. She gathered her self and after quickly removing the heel she summoned all her strength to give him a push over the edge. His voice wailed out as he fell for what seemed like several minutes and she couldn't help but watch in delight as the bastard went splat at the bottom.

It took her a few moments more to gather herself and she went back inside, her clothing was torn in a few places and she had a shocked look on her face as when she entered the room the television was broadcasting a special news report about a man in his late 40's that had been killed in a horrific accident when the brakes failed on his rental car.

Her eyes went wide.

Jenny felt a hand on her shoulder, instinctively she let her fist fly as she spun around; Ted calmly caught her by the wrist with a firm grip. There was no pain to his grip, only physical authority and strength, he was in total control of this moment.

Gone was the goofy grin Ted normally wore, now replaced by a more somber and stern visage. He guided her to the bedroom and she was unable to resist him, for the first time in their relationship she was powerless against him.

He threw her down on the bed and she gave out a small whimpered reply, 'My dear, you have no idea what just happened so please let's not do this'. Ted smiled wide and he cracked his neck without using his hands his voice seemed to be deeper now.

'Oh, we're doing this'.

Jenny's mind raced as she tried her best to formulate a quick plan to stop this act, she had not had time to hide any weapons under pillows. Her body was her only weapon and that was all Ted wanted right now.

'You think all I wanted was sex?' Ted sneered and snorted.

'My dear, you have taken my kill.'

Ted's body began to elongate, his back hunched, sounds of bones cracking filled the room, his clothes started to whither, tatter and darken. His face became pale and white, his eyes pitch black. He stretched out black feathery wings and extended his arms wide as a look a relief came across his face. He rested his wings at his side and continued in a scratchy otherworldly voice now,

'It's time for me to end this charade my dear.'

'Yes, the old bitchs' soul was mine, as was her son's. However, you stole my drunk, who was the son's father'.

His tone was now pissy, even for something that looked un–dead. 'Do you know how rare and difficult it is to get a triple family death in one day?

Jenny only shuffled herself back up against the headboard of the bead, it was all the defensive maneuvering she had. Ted floated up to the edge of the bed and from behind his back he pulled out an old blackened scythe.

Jenny begged for him to let her live. Ted only smiled with his exposed aged teeth.

He chortled, 'No, my dear, you are already dead. You died at the wedding. Didn't you feel the tingle when we kissed?'

Ted continued 'All it takes is a single bit of contact for me to control the method and time of death, thus the hand on the shoulder of the old woman, the full on hug that made you ill and finally even a shoulder brush in an elevator, THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MINE!'.

Ted floated closer to her as he spoke 'I'm impressed that you made your first kill as my wife on your own, but I'm still very cross as to the messiness of your methods. You see, it has to look like and accident or �natural causes� my dear'.

Jenny only muttered 'That drunken man committed suicide after the death of his son.'

Ted snickered 'Well, done. You are catching on quick. However, this next part is going to hurt like hell.'

'It's time to consummate our marriage.'

Ted's black wings spread wide again as he brought the scythe up high.

The End.


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