Through the Eyes of Madness—Part Five
By: David K. Montoya

A local strip joint had only been open for an hour or two, when Tabitha arrived at work. It already smelled of sweat and other body secretions, which turned her stomach into knots. Her mother and father would disown her if they knew what she was doing for money—especially her daddy. He had worked two jobs to pay for her tuition for college, but, that wasn't enough. After all, booze and pills are not something that can be obtained without paying a price.

Tabitha quickly changed into her dancing clothes as she heard the DJ come to a close on the previous dancer. In the same moment she stepped on stage, the man behind the mic announced, "All right kids, we have a treat for you today! All the way from a small town in Nebraska, let's all welcome Tantalizing Tabitha… Tabitha everybody!"

Her hips swayed with the bass opening to, "Oh, Shelia," as the vocals kicked in Tabitha spun around and leaned against the dirty brass pole. She scanned the clientele while she dipped down and arching her back to showoff the goods there was out of the unordinary, the usual fifty–year–olds rushed to the stage with their bank notes clenched in their grubby fists as the screamed for Tantalizing Tabitha's attention.

While she was performing, Tabitha noticed a man that sat a few tables away. She was unable to get a really good look at him, because of the dark lighting. But, one thing the dancer saw in awe was his stunning gray eyes, they appeared to glow. The lady moved a crossed the stage, to the on–goers perhaps seemed to be tantalizing, but in reality was she tried to eye–ball they name near the back.

He wasn't like the everyday, scummy customers, be had a nice suit on—in that moment, Tabitha froze, when she put two and two together: If he's wearing a nice suit, he's sporting a nice bank account!

Tabitha whipped her body around stage for a short bit longer, but never broke her eyes away from the Gray–Eyed man. She knew that if played right, he could pay at least five hundred dollars for a private dance from her. Once the song concluded, Tabitha literally leaped over the crowd of horny men that surrounded her stage and made her way straight to the man with the gray–eyes.

"What about you, honey, you wanna party?" she asked, in a sexed voice.

The Gray–Eyed man looked down at his watch, and then back up at Tabitha with a nod and smile. "I've got a few minutes to kill, before I have to be at the office. In a Private room, perhaps?"

"That'll be three hundred," she told him firmly.

He chuckled, which caused her to step back away from him. The Gray–Eyed man looked up at Tabitha with innocent eyes and said, "Oh, no offence my dear. But, you are a beautiful creature and to put such a low amount on yourself is quite degrading to witness."

"It's just a dance, I'm not gonna have sex with you," She retorted.

Again, he chuckled. "I am quite aware of this, my dear."

"Okay, big shot, what are you willing to pay for a sweet piece of ass like me?" She said, turned to have her plump backside up in the man's face. She examined him closely, he appeared normal, nothing dangerous, but then again that's what her mama used to warn her about were the normal looking ones. But, she had already committed with a price bid, and stuck to see this through. "Seven hundred."

The Gray–eyed man laughed out loud. "Now you're getting it!"

Tabitha could not help and smiled at the man's words. He leaned forward, and said in a soft voice, "I get a happy ending at the end, and I will give you a thousand cash."

Tabitha motioned to him with her finger, without a word said, the man rose and walked up next to her. She looked up at him and said, "Follow me, I know a spot."

A smile grew across his face, and again nodded.

The two walked toward the back of the dark and dingy establishment, there were several makeshift rooms (about the size of a broom closet) and was spray pained black on the outside. Once Tabitha opened the door, and was welcomed by a interior that was spray painted as well, but this time red with a lone low watt light bulb that hung down from a hole that had been cut out from the top. Beneath that was a single wooden chair that had also been colored black.

The Gray–Eyed man was lead inside and Tabitha followed behind and closed the door, the man looked around and noticed that the dancer still had her hand on the door knob. "Cozy," he eventually said sarcastically and sat himself on the chair. He looked up with puppy dog eye with a harmless smile.

"You're cute and all, but, cash up front," she told him and held out a hand.

The man nodded and removed a wad of rolled up bills from his pocket, with his other had begin to peel them apart. Tabitha's eye widened, when she realized that they were all one hundred dollar bills, he handed a small stack to her and she quickly folded them up multiple times and put it into the front of her g–string.

"Okay, so here we go. Some important things that we need to know before I start," Tabitha said, as she placed her foot between his legs on top of the chair while she leaned forward on her knee.

"Fire." He said and noticed that her hand remained rested on the knob.

"First, this is a dance, not sex, while I promised to give you a happy ending that will be the only time any your dick comes out. Got it?"

"Not a problem" he said.

"Second, no touching me! I will touch and rub on you during my performance, but never you to me."

"Okay, what else," The Gray–eyed man said with a shrug of his shoulders.

Tabitha fluttered at the man for a moment. "Are you one of those submissive type, get off on being controlled and shit," she said.

The Gray–Eyed man, again, shrugged his shoulders.

"This is a dance, not a fantasy role enactment," Tabitha clarified.

"Whatever, as long as it's fun," he said.

Tabitha flicked a switch by the door and the light went dim and outdated disco music from the Seventies played from small five dollar computer speaks that were tucked in the corners of the room. The Gray–Eyed man chuckled to himself when he realized that She's A Bad Mama Jama was what was playing in from outside. She began to try and dance while he watched her reach around and undo her bra.

Once her firm breasts were released from her tight bonds, they bounced and jiggled freely to his delight. Tabitha held out her bra and draped it over his head, and he was immediately intoxicated from the smell of her perfume and sweat.

Tabitha closed her eyes and almost instinctively her body begin to swing slowly with the beat as the music changed to Wild Cherry's Play that Funk Music. "I love this song."

The Gray–Eyed man smiled.

As she moved about him her hands cupped her large breasts, and pulled her fingers away in a big reveal fashion a crossed her skin that gave her goose–bumps while it exposed her nipples. Tabitha got more into the music as she ran one hand into her hair and she swung it around.

He continued to watch as Tabitha ran a lone finger down his nose and rested on his lips, than she took that same finger and slipped it into her mouth with a gentle sucking motion.

Her tight body continued moving with the tempo of the music. Her bare hips rotated back and forth, then up and down in a suggestive gesture. Slowly, as if she was lost in the soft tempo song which played, Tabitha moved herself up against the Gray–Eyed man and leaned forward to showoff all the goods.

He's harmless and sweet, I can do a little extra for him, Tabitha thought to herself and moved up to where her butt lightly grazed the man's leg and whipped it back and forth until she was perfectly placed over his lap. She looked over her shoulder at the Gray–Eyed man, he had his head back and eyes closed with enjoyment.

Tabitha moved in and firmly pressed down onto his lap.

Before she could react, the man jumped to his feet which knocked Tabitha to the ground, as she tried to get up the Gray–Eyed man crashed a large brass object into her skull over and over, until there was no movement. He grabbed her body and dumped it onto the chair, and with a small pocket knife removed from his pocket plunged it into her neck and ran it in a horizontal line until if flopped backwards and blood flowed everywhere.

The Gray–Eyed man stepped back from getting blood on his nice shoes, he reached over and grabbed her bra from the floor and placed it in front of him to step on. Once he was able to step up to her, he begin to stab Tabitha's dead body repeatedly.

Once her finished, the man stood there for a moment at looked down at the body. "Thank you, but…" he said in almost a whisper. The man reached down and removed the wad of hundred dollar bills that Tabitha had tucked away, and placed it back into his pocket. "But, that was in no way a thousand dollar dance my dear," he said with a smile, then turned and exited the small black room.

No one bothered to glance up at him when he stepped out of the room, in fact, no one noticed him as he walked to the exit and departed from out of the strip club in to plan view of hundreds of possible witnesses.


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