A Woman of Desire by Caesar F. Castro


A Woman of Desire
Caesar F. Castro

I see you in all your beauty and grace,
My heart melts at the smile on your face.
The way your hair flows down in its sexy locks,
I watch you as if I were a hungry fox.
The way your eyes seem to sparkle in the sun light,
I would give anything to be with you for just one night.
Your perfect body; how it makes my mouth water.
My god, could there be anyone who is hotter?
The way you smell is an aphrodisiac to all men,
You make them want to commit a cardinal sin.
But, of course, I can never be with you,
For reasons that are just these two--
You are with someone else, as am I,
(my freedom will come only when I die),
But the second reason is the saddest, to my dismay,
Since it seems you don't even know that I feel this way.
You will most likely never learn the truth, in the end,
And so to you, I will always be just a 'kind' friend.

About the Author

Senor Castro was forced by his parents to leave his homeland of Cuba and move to the United States and he has never been right, since...Click here for full bio

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