This month in "FYI", we will continue to take a look behind the scenes of the up and coming comic, "Underground to Nowhere". With the publication deadline coming closer, the anticipation for issue #1 is on the rise.

As of this month, the production of the first installment is in full swing. Montoya has also reportedly finished his rough draft script for issue #2, but it is only the first draft. He will most likely rewrite it at least two or three times (but, let's hope it won't be like issue one, which he ended up rewriting seven times!) before he hands it over to Scheerer, for editing.

The only thing that we are getting out of the P.R. (Public Relations) crew, is that Montoya is saying issue Two is action packed, with a twist at the end that will leave the readers screaming for the third and final issue. We have also learned that Montoya has completed a quarter of the drawings for issue One and Lofgren has been given some test pages to warm up on. So, by the time she receives the actual pages that she will be inking, she will be ready to start the real deal.

Eletrik Lettering Ltd. has reported it has purchased a new font program that will be used specifically for the "Underground to Nowhere" mini series. This is the first time Eletrik Lettering has obtained an outside program, as they are well known for their custom designed fonts.

The last bit of information for this month is the issue of contracting a printer. Many may not know this, but Montoya has been checking out a number of other printing companies, looking for the absolute lowest price, so he can pass along the savings to his readers. But, as of right now, it looks like Lulu Press will still land the deal.

So, that's it for us here at "FYI". Come back next time as we join in on the "Underground to Nowhere" count down and continue to give you the latest insight on the comic production.

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