Wrestling Review
By: Tim Copeland

I was going to write a standard review this month but recent events have steered me in a different direction.

The WWE has removed the Fabulous Moolah name from their woman's battle royal. The reason being is backlash from online Social Justice Warriors, who took it upon themselves to circulate unproven rumors that Moolah treated women under her management poorly and even worse pimped them out to male wrestlers.

Never mind the fact that these allegations were never proven and no one came forward during the time Moolah was alive and an active member of the WWE roster.

I am ashamed of what our society has become! We overlook and ignore a true pioneer in the woman's wrestling game, because of allegations that are unproven in order to kowtow the political correctness line.

To bury Moolah's legacy is just wrong and shame on WWE for not sticking their nose at the naysayers. I miss the days before they became publicly traded, when Vince McMahon (the majority owner, chairman, and CEO of WWE) would welcome naysayers and opposition because in those days, Vince didn't give a damn and would refuse to cater to bullies.

Now unfortunately a woman who gave her entire life to the wrestling business is now forgotten.

Well, I'm not ashamed to say I am a Moolah fan and I'll be damned if during my in ring career I didn't borrow many a Moolah spot. You know, these Social Media Warriors, who brought this to limelight are also supposedly the same who advocated for the current woman's "revolution."

It's just a shame they can't say they know a damn thing about the history of the woman, who paved they way for it to get here. K5 that!