Review of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition for the PS4
By: Xilera

I purchased Street Fighter V for the PS4 sometime last year, I have played this game intermittently in the last twelve months. While I enjoyed the game play and the PvP action, it wasn't until a recent addition last week that has drawn me back into that world.

I found myself last week bored and had nothing to occupy my brain activity, so I decided to plop in Street Fighter V as it loaded an connected to the server, I had to wait while it downloaded a new add-on to the game. It took sometime, as I got lost in reading tweets for a good hour or so.

After waiting for forever, I remembered I was going to play the game. As soon as I logged into the system, I saw something that peaked my curiosity and attention. It was Street Fighter Arcade Edition! I dove into the options, it had your pick of Street Fighter 1-5 (plus the added ones that went between the games), now, at first I thought we were going to bust into some 16-bit action from the old days of the TurboGrafx-16 console. While, I was a bit sad to learn that it was not the original game itself, as it was a somewhat remake of the original (but, it is worth noting that it did create the old school arcade feelings from the late 80s and 90s), using today's graphic standard and had a simple, yet hard to achieve, four fights in the first game.

Then I played Street Fighter Alpha, it was all right, as a whole, though I do not remember playing this on any system or in an actual arcades (remember that kids who's now in their 30s and 40s). From what I understand, it was a bridge to link the first Street Fighter to the second, there were I believe eight fights and then the game was quickly over and I moved anxiously into Street Fighter II.

That was my game, yo!

I went through and played a few different character, but then I realized that I could obtain DLCs (Downloadable content)! I'm not sure as to how much I spent or how much each character cost, honestly, I did not care… MUST HAVE'EM ALL!

I went through the game with each character (male and female) and went through story mode! What a delight! I spent the entire day engaged in cyber pugilism with character that I honestly have not thought about in a long, long time.

For the record, I thought that Guile's hair style was stupid and idiotic back then, still do today. I mean, really? I mean, I get when you introduced him in 1991, that weird hairdos was kind of the thing back them, but now… Okay, you got they still are, but still lame!

But, thankfully, I did not take Guile's weird flat top into consideration as I tried to determine a proper reward for this game. While I openly admit that the game does have it flaws and draw backs (like having Dhalsim remain old through all the games), it is highly enjoyable and interactive with just the right mix of nostalgia whipped in.

So for Street Fighter Arcade Edition, as a whole, I give it 3 and a half stars!