Sugar on Top
By: Kevin Magnus

Here we go… This is it, it's your time,

You're so good, I hope you dig this rhyme.

Come on over, please, with sugar on top,

I promise that the fun will never stop.

Wouldn't it be so fun to dance all night,

The World in perfect alignment—just right.

I can just feel you are my everything,

Give it time and in the future I see a ring.

We knew it right away, and asked her to dance,

But she declined and said she wanted some romance.

Let's throw caution out the window, child,

I see it in your eyes, let's cut wild.

You're so good, there's no one better,

You do everything right down to the letter.

Never have another lonely night,

You and I will make it all right.

I will love you in anyway,

Let life be our Holiday.


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