By: Kevin Adams

Straight up a mountain or to heaven I'd climb,
Just to have another hug or moment of your time.

No place I wouldn't go for your wisdom once more,
or even just to see you there standing at my door.

Your temper never flared as you stood silent and tall,
always patient, always kind, you were in the background through it all.

You watched as your boy became a man so quick,
hoping the lessons you taught would somehow stick.

Now my time to be the father has come, and my turn to continue to teach,
helping her to learn, grow, prosper and how far to reach.

All I've shown her I will now see how hard she can try,
I've done my tutoring as I now step back as she flies.

As long as I draw breath I'll honor you, and make you proud of me,
only time will tell if I can be half the father you used be.

In Memory of:

George R. Adams

–I miss you Papa bear–


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