Review of Wargroove for the Multiple Platforms
By: Xilera

Normally, I would not attempt to review a game that has not even hit the market, but I fell down such a rabbit–hole for the last few hours that I felt it would have been a time wasted if I did not do a review. So, let's jump across the Pond to London, England in mid to late 2013, there we find a small company named Chucklefish. They develop and publish our own games and occasionally provide support to other developers as well! They created a stir with Starbound, which was a science fiction mashup of Minecraft and Tarraria's hook of exploration and construction.

In the past five years, Chucklefish's product chain has grown to publish a games like Stardew Valley a quaint little farming game. The game has found success and now the publishers have moved into developing a new tactical strategy game called Wargroove.

Wargroove offers a simple to understand map and fun tactical game play which has begin to be noticed by Gamers in that demographic. Though it has been compared to Advance Wars, the company is fast to encourage the gaming community that Wargroove is a game completely of its own.

In an online interview, Wargroove developer Luciana Nascimento when on record as she said, "We've tried to capture the essence of what made games like Advance War and Fire Emblem so fun and accessible," She went on to say, "While putting more of a modern twist on it, like online player, moddability, and built in map and campaign editors."

The protagonist and/or tactician units you control apparently have special abilities (I was going to say X–Men style, but no one wants to get sued), these skills that you can use are called groove, yep, now we know where the game gets its name, well, half of it anyway.

Chucklefish throws a ton of goodness our way with its standout and well–developed multiplayer mode (that is said to host up to four players at once), which is their main vision, but they also want to give us a copious amount of singles action as well. For the example given with this is the creation of a main story mode with is made up of almost forty missions for solo players and also offer up a cool arcade mode! Another thing that should be considered noteworthy is that Wargroove will be offered in a plethora of platforms from the likes of the PS4, XboX One, Switch and even offer it up to the PC gamers as well!

At this point, we have to ask ourselves: What are the cons​​?

The only visible con (so far) is that Chucklefish has not offered an exact release date of the game, but does attempt to satisfy everyone's anticipation with a recent statement that says that it will be released this year. I'm a bit worried that the company's beautiful aesthetics and amalgam of tactical strategy is perhaps too ambitious.

But in closing, it appears that the developers are doing an amazing job (from what I can tell) in paying a tribute to the game's influences, while at the same time being created to not being seen as a knockoff, but a game that will stand tall on its own merit.