By: Kevin Adams

An artist gives of themselves fully when they create, there is no choice if it is to be done correctly. It is no mere chance that art of any kind is just thrown together. Someone must cross a line and give everything they have to the piece until all energy is gone, all ideas, all visions and places.

With my hands I craft their universe and world at the keyboard or with the stroke of a brush, carefully knitting together each tale or scene.

I must use every part of my heart to care about them and how they end up, how they themselves live and love, how they care and hate. Do they want revenge? Do they want peace?

With my feet I must walk through their world taking the same steps they do, whether they be filled with danger or otherwise.

I must grant them my own emotions, feelings and experiences, they feel my fears, my anger, my rage along with my peace, understanding and forgiveness.

With my eyes I can see the pain or joy, I can see the colors and everything is open to me.

I must give them my strength to carry on or to kill. With my mouth I am their voice so they can speak.

I must use my mind to dream and to dream for them. To imagine them and let them live. It is the home that grants them a place to live until I release them unto the world.

With my breath I breathe my own precious life into them.

With my ears I can hear the whispers, screams and voices of another world.

When I am inspired, my creative place is unlocked and urging me to splash out my soul again, my very essence must be poured out in some way so that my creation can live. so that I can bring into existence, something of semblance and beauty. All the intricate details about my passionate creation fills my mind and I cannot rest until it is brought forth into our world.

Perhaps we create to feel like Gods, or to free ourselves from the howling demons that haunt us, whatever the reason, we as artists cannot silence this gift, ever. We can encourage it, nourish it, embrace it and accept it always creating a constant barrage of content during our lives. Or we can choose to shut it out, let it become dull and rusty like an old blade. Sitting there suffering silently in our minds.

Our passion will find it's way out of us one way or another. Much like this piece I have crafted for you, I have given of myself and shared it with those daring enough to read it with open minds. Inspiration is how I spread what some would call insanity. As you read my closing, I challenge you to close your own eyes, draw in a long calming breath and envision the one thing you love most in this world and write or draw about it. Even if just a few words or scribbles, then a few days later go back read it, close your eyes and dream again.


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