Wrestling Review
By: Tim Copeland

"And your new heavyweight Champion!"

Awe... I remember when that was cause to get excited about, now it seems that there is a new champion almost as frequently as there is new Taco Bell coupons in your mailbox.

Impact Wrestling recently crowned a new champion in the form of the returning Austin Aries. While I think that Aries will be a fine champion (which is no disrespect to Eli Drake, whom could possibly be the future of Impact) my problem is with the build,or rather lack of, to this title change.

We have all seen this before, Impact seems to be incapable of coming up with an original idea, heel champion cuts a promo, new challenger debuts or impromptu match. Boom! New champion.

The problem in this writer's humble opinion is two fold, one, this angle has been done to death (Raven, Rhyno, Lashley, Alberto and now Aries) that it doesn't have any wow factor left.

And two, a returning Aries could have potentially drawn a decent PPV buy-rate, but instead of coming up with a compelling angle and a proper build that would have generated interest and potentially the parting of $29.99 by wrestling fans, nope, Impact does what they always do!

Hotshot an angle and throw money out the window. Awe... I miss when a title change was something to be excited over not depressed.