Review of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch
By: Xilera

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, could possibly be the best game of the year3Nintendo made a very bold move to re-evaluate the previously successful blueprint created for 3D Zelda games deep-rooted by Ocarina of Time, back in 1998 (which resulted as a payoff end the end). Developers reassessed and re-imagined every element of the Legend of Zelda universe, right down to Link's perspective and how he explores through the game, collects things and, even, how he dresses. It feels like a soft reboot, with just enough nostalgia to keep the old school gamers interested, and cool enough to bring in the youngins.

The expedition of Breath of the Wild, is the main sense of objectiveness, while it openly show an enormous trust in the player. Every part of this game is self directed there are only a few time thought that they are lead in a certain direction, but there is reason for this and will come into play sooner than later.

Another neat feature offered in the game is quite literally the ability to climb over anything in the game, which opens the door for exploration wide open for the player. Everything has a three dimensional feel to them, nothing is flat: for example would be the background. You see the mountains in the back, they are not just flat scenery that you could never reach, but instead you head for the hills and in time you would be standing on their peak. Wherever you want to head toward, head toward it! Also, Nintendo pulled it down to its bare bones the style it assisted in creating with the release of the original Legend of Zelda back on February 21, 1986, brought it down to its essentials and really converged on the play's freedom inside the game (which really made the game worthwhile).

Another fun part of who the huge world, is the puzzles and combat. With all the basic tools for puzzle solving attained before the game even truly starts and allows for multiple approaches! Right after the games released in March of last year, the internet was a buzz with examples of cheats to how to solve the puzzles for the game, and that goes for how to beat a boss in combat too!

For those button mashers (you know who you are, wink, wink), you can go in swords a swinging and that is completely all right type manor in game play, but so is using your element and tools to achieve your goal!

Breath of the Wild was rated in 2017 as the game with the most defining experience of that year. Even if you try and ignore the decades of legacy of the Legend of Zelda series and how it has crafted the way we play action-adventure games today, Breath of the Wild stands on top as a new way for a player's freedom inside a non-internet based game.

For Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I happily award this game four and a half stars! This is a game you truly need to play for yourself to fully appropriate!