Smile Empty Soul
By: Jeff R. Young

I look around, and all I see are faces
With empty eyes frozen in their places
They amble with the grace of the undead
Apathy's a disease that seems to spread
They have no love or feelings of desire
They didn't scream when burned inside my fire

I walked deep into the heart of all the masses
Choking on burnt flesh within the ashes
I wish to God I would only see one smile
But wishing has never been worthwhile
I screamed out loud just trying to be heard
But screaming only proved to be absurd

With their vacant eyes in sunken little holes
I walked along the land of empty souls
But I was the only one who couldn't see
This indifference was the curse inside of me
To shield my soul from dying in my head
I walk in my disguise among the dead

I must find a way to fill my empty soul
To smile when my heart has turned to coal
My vacant eyes are longing just to see
That little fire from deep inside of me
As I look around and see a smiling face
I'll know I have survived my fall from grace


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