Interview with Dan Hammond
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

I suppose you greedy blood-thirsty whelps have returned to see me torture and maim yet another hapless scapegoat?


That of course, is what I am here to deliver. You fans are such sadomasochists, that is why I adore and tolerate you.

Dan Hammond is an independent freelance artist who hails from Canada and that is what makes him an interesting choice, he also seems to have an interesting knack for some light acting it seems. Attended an art expo at 40, then he passionately took up drawing. Dan has done cover art for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, also did works for kids books and movie posters.

Let's see how he fares when face to face with the MYTH MASTER!!

Myth Master: No mention of a family, interesting. Are you single? Any offspring I can mutilate as well?

Dan Hammond: Nope, not single. Been married for 21 years and have two monsters at home.

Myth Master: I've seen that you've rubbed elbows with some celebrities, who was the coolest? Who was meanest/dis-pleasant?

Dan Hammond: I think my favorite celebrity so far, has been Tony Todd (Candyman, The Rock) He is pretty down to earth and likes to hang out with the regular folks. I met him a couple years ago at the Shock Stock Horror Convention in London, Ontario, Canada. He and I hit it off and went drinking and played pinball. He and I text one another every now and then and chat.

Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead was a super nice guy as well. He has one of my prints and liked it enough to post in on his Facebook at Twitter accounts. As for celebs who I didn't care for...I don't think that I have met him/her yet...

Myth Master: Was there an artist that specifically influenced you to begin your journey into art?

Dan Hammond: When I was a kid I always loved Jim Aparo's Batman and Specter art. I don't think that there is anyone singular that has specifically influenced me. I really love Frank Cho, David Finch, Art Adams, Tony Daniels...I try to take small bits from the best and hope that it makes me a better artist.

Myth Master: So you chose both good and evil artwork to create for our last issue, on one hand we have Yoda and on the other the Batman villains. Was this on purpose?

Dan Hammond: Not consciously, no. That Yoda piece is one that everyone comments on and is probably one of my better pieces (yet no one has bought it...) The Batman villains just stems from my love of all things Batman.

Myth Master: Favorite thing/subject to draw?

Dan Hammond: If one were to go through my portfolio, you would see a definite lean towards Batman for sure. He is my all time favorite, Swamp Thing is a lot of fun to draw as well.

Myth Master: All right then, let's give the fans what they came for….the good stuff.
Time to get in your mind Dan. Don't worry this will only hurt like hell, but I am a professional so relax.

Myth Master: Your past life as a correctional officer, does it influence your creativity in any way?

Dan Hammond: Hmm, I've never really thought about that before. I don't think so. Maybe if I had worked at Arkham Asylum instead of a men's correctional center...

Myth Master: So you played in a horror movie as the VILLAIN?! (Slasher-killer Bruno in The Slaughter at Sumac Ditch (still in post production)

Oh do please indulge me. I might even show some mercy...

Dan Hammond: This was a part that came to me at the very last minute. The director met me at a con and was telling me about the film and the Bruno role. I jokingly asked if he had cast the role yet. He had, unfortunately, but quietly wished that I had gotten it first as I was much taller than the original guy cast as Bruno.

So, two weeks before filming, the original actor had to back out because of a scheduling conflict. The director called me and asked if I wanted it. I jumped on it and am glad that I did. It was a lot of fun. The movie is an 80's style throw-back to films like Friday the 13th and other slasher films. I get to run around a camp in the woods and hack up all the horny, drugged out camp counselors.

Myth Master: Ahh….the good Ol' days..

Myth Master: You also maybe playing a "Sasquatch" style monster due to your 6' 7" 340 lbs frame (Which is impressive I might add.) Do you want to play more villain roles or are you up for anything?

Dan Hammond: I like playing the bad guy. You can imagine that I would get typecast because of my size. No one is coming to me and asking me to play the lead in a romantic comedy that's for sure.

Myth Master: I get that a lot too Dan.

Myth Master: Aside from me, who is your favorite villain?

Dan Hammond: I like villains that can be swayed to benefit the good guys sometimes. I think that's why I would pick Darth Vader and Deathstroke as my favs.

Myth Master: Worst nightmare?

Dan Hammond: Well, I don't really have one. You can imagine that as a Correctional Officer I got to see a lot of awful things. I could fill a book with nightmarish content!

Myth Master: If you would like to brazenly promote yourself in any way, please do that below.

Dan Hammond: You can find my artwork on Instagram, My handle is – @supersetdan. I also have a website for my comedic comic line called

Myth Master: Well Dan you've been such a good sport and the fact that you love villains does my evil heart good and I almost considered sparing your miserable fleshy existence.

BUT….Nope. Not today.

Allow me to introduce a little beauty I picked up from the 16th century called scavenger's daughter it's the opposite of the rack so instead of stretching you out, well I'm going to squeeze you into yourself until your insides are outside. You are forced onto your hands and knees into a fetal position and there are two steel bars that are strapped across your back and when I wench them down, you will eventually ‘pop' like a huge bloody pimple!! Except, instead of puss it's blood!


Until next time readers.

Now, excuse me whilst I give Dan my undivided attention.