Thunder's Rage
By: Mike Lutz


The cloudless skies issued forth an incredible sound, the sound of mountains splitting and gods going to war. Falling akin to a meteor intent on assassinating the world, a shining figured with a red cape streaked Earthward. Landing with a ground shuddering impact, Thor stood at the mouth of the valley, a deathly quiet settled across the winter landscape. Thor, God of Thunder, protector of Midgard, Troll-bane stood seething, the frosted ground around him began to steam and melt as the heat of his incredible rage roiled off him. His blue eyes, hard, looked down the depth of the valley, searching for the evil that had dared to inflict the atrocity on fair Midgard. Thor's belt of power doubling his strength, the power needed to exact vengeance coursing through his body, his iron gloves gripping the handle of his lightning hammer, Mjolnir.

"Face me monster!" Thor yelled down the valley causing avalanches to break off from their perches on the mountains peaks. The echo of the god's challenge rang through the mountain range, then silence.

A low, distant sound reached the Thunderers ears, it sounded as if a great glacier was breaking apart, cold cracking and rumbling began to grow louder, with it a deeper rumble of frigid, emotionless laughter. A great cloud of snow and ice began to boil down the valley towards Thor, who stood as if rooted to the rocky spine of Midgard itself. With an angry, annoyed slash of his hand, a hurricane wind roared into the valley, the blinding snows parted to reveal an icy blue-white frost giant of immense size striding towards the mouth of the valley.

"Who dares disturb my slumber?" The giant demanded with icy breathe.

"Your doom!" Thor replied looking up at the giant. "You will no longer cause any harm to the people of Midgard!"

"Is that so little man," the giant laughed his frozen, mirthless laugh again, "Tell me your name little man, so I can know the one who wishes me dead?"

"I am no mere man, I am Thor, son of Odin, and you will know me as your end!" Said Thor as he tightened his grip on Mjolnir and small arcs of electricity began to dance around his body.

"Son of Odin eh, I have heard of you, I think." The frost giant replied has he stepped out of the valley and closer to Thor. "You do not frighten me little man, I have lived and fought for millennia, you think you would be the one to build your legend off my back!?"

"Yes!" Thor replied as he leapt into the air, Mjolnir poised to strike.

"Never," roared the frost giant as he swung a massive ice clawed hand.

The giant's hand slammed into the rising Asgardian and smashed him back to the ground, pushing his weight down until he could feel the frozen ground collapse beneath the pressure.

"Too easy, I thought you were to be my end little man?" The frost giant sneered as he gave his hand a wicked twist.

The breath seemed to be sucked out of the world for a moment, then great crack of thunder sprung up from the ground and a vicious bolt of yellow lightning streaked out of the sky and burned into the frost giants arm! Howls of pain and shock ripped out from the giants mouth, his remaining hand clamped over the stump where his other hand used to be, streams of blue blood and melting ice gushed between his fingers.

An earth shaking roar escaped Thor's throat as he pushed aside the severed limb, brushing the snow and first from his shoulders, Thor hefted the weight of Mjolnir and leapt once more at the frost giant! The giant roared back in rage and agony as he set his cruel eyes on Thor, his terrible wound forgotten, a vicious swipe of his clawed hand was answered by a shattering blow from the might hammer, icy bones exploded and flew apart, the giant crumpling to his knees.

"You think to have beaten me little man?" The frost giant enraged looking at his disfigured limbs. "I will not be beaten by the likes of you!"

"I haven't even begun to make you pay for your crimes." Thor hissed through clenched teeth.

The frost giant reared back his head and then rocked it forward as he blew out a cyclone of frigid death from his ice encrusted lungs. Thor put Mjolnir in front of him shield him as he wrapped his cape tighter around him to stave off the bitter wind. Thick rime ice started to build up, encasing Thor in a tomb he was not prepared for, Thor's sight began to dim as the ice prison grew every second, trapped in place the Thunder God saw a face flash before his eyes, then another, a man and a woman, in a farm house, their children were there too, they had shown him kindness and hospitality on one of his journeys. Thor could see their faces again, this time, all of them, blue and dead, all of it, all of them covered in ice. Thor's eyes snapped open, lightning flared and pulsed in them.

"NO!" Thor found voice, a low rumbling thunder grew all around the frost giant and he looked skyward to see a seething, boiling mass of thunder clouds growing above him.

"NO!" Thor roared as the frozen faces of strangers hung like marionettes frozen on icy strings.

"NOO!!!" Thor roared again as lightning streaked down from the sky all around the frost giant who now was starting to show some concern. A massive bolt of white, electric fury lanced down from the boiling sky and struck the ice tomb Thor was trapped in, the ground leapt up in pain and rage as the ice exploded in a shower of frozen shrapnel that ripped and sliced at the frost giant, hundred of blue blood ribbons caused the giant to shrink back in terror.

"NNNNNOOOOO!!!!!" Thor's battle fury made the mountains shake and begin to break apart, collapsing behind the frost giant, cutting off ability to flee, trapped between the devastated mountains and the enraged Thunder God, the frost giant had come to know his end.

Thor, with lightning in his furious eyes, flew at the frost giant, throwing Mjolnir ahead of him, the hammer struck the giant in the forehead and continued on its path, finding the giants brain and causing it to boil and burst as Mjolnir passed through the back of the frost giants skull before turning in mid-air and meeting the out stretched hand of Thor as it began a downward arc. Thor's rage fueled his swing, the point where Mjolnir met the skull of the frost giant simply vaporized, the shock wave that followed sundered the frost giant, a great cracking crash erupted from the spot where the frost giant once stood. Some shards of ice and bone exploded in escape velocity to become icy comets that course through the heavens, while other were driven deep into the soil to become supports for the dwarves forges.

The bird song did little to lighten the mood of Thor as he walked thought the gated fence of a farm house, he had been here before, maybe, he thinks to himself. The house and barn are shining in the morning sun as if diamonds had grown from the ivy that climbed to the roofs. The door was frozen shut, everything was frozen shut, Thor gently pried the door open and stepped inside. He had been here before, the man, a farmer, was sitting by the hearth sharpening a blade, the woman sat on a stool combing out wool, one of the children was peeking down from the loft, all looking at Thor with cold, still eyes. A thin layer of ice encircled everything in the farm house, the man, the woman, the children, even the fire in the hearth was trapped still in the icy grip of death. Thor fought back emotion, took one last look at these innocents, dropped his head and turned to the door.

"I am forever sorry for what has happened to you all," Thor said as he walked out and closed the door behind him.


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