By: Kevin Adams

She inspires me with her gentle touches upon the rooftop of my home and she caresses me to sleep on some nights as she taps upon my window like a lover might. However, we must never take her gentleness for granted for when her fury strikes it can drown and flood within moments.

When her mighty brother Wind joins in the two are a destructive pair and they can lash out, fiercely wreaking havoc, twisting trees and ripping roofs. Sweeping away roads, pouring and unleashing their fury upon us rambunctious children of this planet until their anger is sated.

Flowing down along the trees and roads, stroking gently the earth as she gives of herself, we all are fed by her in one way or another. Refreshing fluid of life trickling down much like she does on a warm spring day, when one can stand in her embrace and feel calmed by her loving tiny kisses as they fall from the sky. A gentle misting from her is like the sweetest of perfumes on the loveliest lady, her wet embrace accumulates slowly and gently reminds, even sometimes annoys us with her presence.

When her sister Thunder comes along is when you know to leave before it's too late, they never seem to actually fight, but you can hear the heavens filling with their quarrels. A turbulent relationship to be sure for the jealousy of Thunder is well known throughout all the stratosphere as she squalls about the unfairness, for Thunder is not the favored daughter.

Her father Lighting is not to be trifled with at all, his is a power that is rage embodied and when He accompanies her to a celestial dance, all must take notice. He has taught her the secret of his ire, yet she decided not to embrace it unless it's called for. Beware his protective wrath of her, He'll not take lightly the company of someone other than his daughter and will lash out and literally strike you down.

However, her mother the moon will calm him as she often does with her smooth and bright face. Her white round maternal composure can even command the unruly oceans and sometimes even her brother the wind must bend to his mother's wishes. Moon guides the hearts of many and sees all of us as her children, loving us from afar as mothers do, letting us grow on our own.

When the icy grip of Winter her secret admirer holds her hand and escorts her along the land she can take on the deadliest of forms releasing upon humanity her slippery surface, ice who knows no master. Smoothed out along the roads and sidewalks like a delicate silk dress her deception is most complete on a sunny frigid day. Winter's brazen tactics are such that his love for her is kept secret as to not draw too much attention from her father and thus he may never have her for too long.


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