Hey Gang! Happy New Year!

Do you know what really upsets me when it comes to the magazine? When I come across people that is interested in submitting to the magazine, but when they find out it's a non-paying gig they lose interest all of the sudden.

Fourteen years ago, when Terry [D. Scheerer] told me to always pass on someone who's top five questions about the magazine is "How much do I get paid?" Especially if that is the question they come out of the gate with!

Again, Terry explained that those are not truly writers, poets and/or artists; these people are not interested in the art, but rather how they can turn a buck (sure, I do understand that we all want to making a living in what we make) but, let's face it, if you not publishing in, say, The New Yorker, or have new been on the New York Times Best Seller list it's not gonna happen.

That's why we focused on beginning and/or unpublished authors for so many years, and we saw multiple people grow over time to either go off and publish elsewhere in the paying market, get book deals and even a couple that started their own magazines/companies. That's completely awesome to see these fantastic creator outgrow what we offer and move on to bigger and better things!

Also, something to actively look at, is how many people that we published in Dark Myth Publications we continuing contributors to The World of Myth (or Horrotica when we were publishing that magazine), I would safely say that 99% of them have been in one of our magazines. We actually watch every piece closely, and watch how the readers react to their contributions. If they appear to move into the next level of our publishing stage then we offer them a book deal.


Because at this point, I'm putting cash monies out to produce a product and I need to be fairly certain that I'm not gonna end up belly up—I mean, come on, I'm a widowed father of three and I can't afford to make too many bad business decisions (not only for my sake, but for the welfare of my kids as well).

So how many people have I pissed off at this point?

I'm sorry if this has made you upset, but I'm just being real and up front. Recently I was told that I don't understand. Really? On the magazine, I have published 53 stories, 1 poem, 40 pieces of art and have written 40 articles, and, that's things I've published under my actual name and not pen name!

In 2014, I published my collection of short stories "It's a Dark Ride," and 100% of what I made from that book went back into the company. So I do understand, if I was concerned about making money for my writings I would not be active in the Micro Independent Publishing Market.

For those who understand what I'm saying here today, from the bottom of my heart I sincerely thank you. Whether you are a contributor or a reader, I wholeheartedly appreciate your support! We do have a long list of things that we planned for 2018, so stick around and see what we have in store for all who is involved in our little online magazine!

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya
Founder of The World of Myth Magazine
And Other Stuff Too.